Profile of the OluKai Inana

What is it for? Despite being marketed as a training shoe, most people buy the Inana to serve as their everyday or travel footwear. It is constructed to quickly drain water, so it can be used in or out of the water with no issues.


Traction. The bottom of the OluKai Inana is crafted from Wet-Grip rubber. This compound is designed to prevent slippage, whether you’re traversing wet or dry surfaces. The barnacle-like lugs aid in gripping uneven surfaces. The material is also non-marking, so it won’t leave unsightly streaks on polished floors.


Comfort. A dual-density EVA foam is used for the footbed of the OluKai Inana. This foam unit is soft for comfort and movement, but rigid in the back to support the person’s weight. It is raised in the heel section, preventing too much movement in this section.

Water-friendly. The insole is hydrophobic, so it won’t absorb water even when you decide to wade in it. It also has perforations, allowing for quick water drainage when you step into dry land.

Keeping it clean. The unit is removable and can be replaced with custom orthotics if needed. It is also washable, which is excellent for maintaining proper foot hygiene.


Coverage. A one-piece mesh fabric makes up the top of the OluKai Inana. This material has an open-cell construction, which allows it to ventilate the interior and dry off quickly when it gets wet.

Protection. Welded TPU overlay protects the toe section of the OluKai Inana. It prevents early deterioration of the tip due to abrasions from rocks and other sharp objects in the mountains or the sea.

Lockdown. A bungee lacing system is used for the Inana’s closure. It can be adjusted by pressing on the toggle and releasing it to lock it in place. Because the laces are elastic, it can be slipped on or off without manipulating the shoelaces.

Unique feature. Like most OluKai Shoes, the Inana features the Drop-In Heel. The back panel is strategically attached, allowing it to seamlessly fold down, turning your trainer into a slider. It comes in handy when you need to be able to quickly get in or out of the without adjusting the laces.

Nice to know

  • The Hawaiian term Inana translates to 'active', which is what you’ll be when you’re wearing this pair.
  • The OluKai Inana has been tested and approved by the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association.
  • The Makau fish hook logo, which signifies the brand’s Hawaiian roots, is placed on the outsole, the tongue, and the heel panel.

Facts / Specs

Arch support: Stability
Use: All-day wear, Travel, Fitness
Closure: Bungee laces
Material: Mesh upper
Features: Orthotic friendly / Removable insole / Collapsible heel
Condition: Flat feet, Plantar fasciitis
BRAND Brand: OluKai

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