OluKai Moku Pae: A perfect seaside companion

Staying true to its Hawaii roots, the Moku Pae is designed for summer and being worn on the beach. This shoe houses a very basic yet undeniably essential set of features when it comes to its technicalities.

It ticks off comfort, style, and traction - setting you up for a hassle-free and fun-filled time at the beach.

Who is it for?

It's wise to ask this question before purchasing a pair of shoes (or anything, really!) If you resonate with any of the categories below, then the answer to your question is yes.

  • You live near the beach or love frequenting the beach
  • You go on boat rides often
  • You need shoes with average to slightly high arch support
  • You appreciate easy on/off function in your footwear
  • You need a shoe to keep you cool and dry for warm weather
  • You require orthotic-friendly shoes


How OluKai Moku Pae ranks compared to all other shoes
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Olesya Kryakvina
Olesya Kryakvina

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