Our verdict


The Mio Li from OluKai blends the brand's signature easygoing features with a modern aesthetic. It's a shoe that can keep the wearer feeling cool and dry while projecting a versatile look that could be worn in many places. If you're thinking of a shoe that will keep you pain-free in your long walks, this is NOT it. Rather, it is a shoe you can wear on easy days not involving being on the feet a lot.


  • Well-cushioned
  • Has arch support
  • Versatile style
  • Reliable outsole grip
  • Collapsible heel
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Stylish


  • Pricey
  • Heel piece causes discomfort

Who should buy the OluKai Mio Li

The Mio Li is a walking shoe that is an amazing fit for the individual who looks for any of the following features below:

  • A good accessory to a laidback yet stylish look for summer
  • A shoe with an option to use it as either a slip-on or as a regular shoe
  • Arch support for flat feet and overpronation
  • Removable footbed for an opportunity to customize
  • Outsole traction that grips even on wet surfaces

OluKai Mio Li Logo1

OluKai Mio Li: The go-anywhere footwear

From the park to the cafe, beach walk to city stroll, the OluKai Mio Li shoes are ready to accompany you to most casual environments with their island-inspired vibes.

OluKai Mio Li Versatility

According to an experienced Crossfitter, the Mio Li can even be used for moderate gym workouts.

A shoe or a slip-on? You decide

They are lightweight, stylish, and offer an option to be worn as a slip-on shoe. All shoes from OluKai have a collapsible (or drop-in) heel which can be easily folded to make either a shoe or a slip-on.

OluKai Mio Li Comfiness

Cushioned and supportive sole unit

Many wearers applauded the OluKai Mio Li's balanced feel underfoot. They added that it is not soft nor rigid and provides all-day comfort.

OluKai Mio Li Sole1

It also has an anatomical construction that follows the curvature of the foot arch. People with flat feet and overpronation are pleased with its stable and supportive platform. According to an expert, the shoe has "a good amount of arch support."

In addition, the drop-in insole can be easily replaced with custom orthotics if you need it.

Grippy and durable outsole

Thanks to its Wet-Grip Rubber outsole, this pair sticks onto any surface, even when wet.

OluKai Mio Li Sole2

The rubber pods in the forefoot and heel areas of the shoe also help to prolong the shoe's shelf life.

Keeps the foot well-ventilated

The wearers describe the shoe's upper as rather breathable, even for warmer climates. Some people even wear the shoe barefoot, without socks as they feel comfortable enough with its interiors.

Immaculately constructed

Wearers were delighted with this footwear for its flawless construction and durable materials. 

OluKai Mio Li Construction

A lot of reviewers also report that this OluKai shoe is a real compliment magnet. It definitely draws the attention of bypasses. And with the shoe's appealing color options, the visual aspect has become one of its best selling points.

The only problem is that lighter colors get dirty too easily.