Verdict from 3 experts and 11 user reviews

5 reasons to buy

  • Most of those who have reviewed the Ocun Ozone Plus find the shoe spectacular when it comes to edging.
  • This performance-oriented rock climbing shoe is quite affordable, according to several users.
  • A small number of Ocun Ozone Plus testers are impressed with the shoe’s smearing capability.
  • Its surface traction is excellent, say less than a handful of climbers.
  • Based on a report, this rock climbing shoe from Ocun delivers confidence-boosting precision.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Heel hooking is not the Ozone Plus’ strongest suit, a customer claims.
  • The shoe has a somewhat restrictive toe region, says an owner who has purchased it.

Bottom line

A budget-friendly shoe that breezes across edges—this is how many will likely describe the Ozone Plus. This offering may also be referred to as a smearing genius, thanks to its super-tacky outsole.

That said, its resume is not as spotless as one may think. Case in point: its hit-or-miss performance on heel hooks. Nevertheless, the Ozone Plus is a wise investment, especially for climbers on a limited budget.

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Good to know

-The Ozone Plus, the wide counterpart of the Ozone QC, is Ocun’s response to senders who regularly face the challenge of routes characterized by tricky pockets and micro-footholds. It has been revamped to sport a new look and up its utility.

-Compared with its former self, the redesigned Ozone Plus has a snappier construction, particularly concerning its Velcro closure. Its forefoot rand, which is part of the supportive 3-Force System (an Ocun exclusive), is also fuller than the previous model’s.

-It inherits the pre-update version’s outsole, however. Yes, the Ocun Ozone Plus climbing shoes sport the same Vibram XS Grip outsole.

Downturn. Ocun’s Ozone Plus comes with a highly downturned (aggressive) camber. With it, wearers can expect to pull off toe-related maneuvers with enough precision. Most climbing kicks like the Ozone Plus can provide sufficient comfort on single-pitch problems.

Applications. This aggressive rock shoe may be used both indoors and outdoors. Bouldering and sport are the types of climbs for which it was built. It has the necessary components to help climbers send projects on overhangs and vertical faces in safety.

The Ocun Ozone Plus is a climbing shoe that comes with a low-top ankle cuff. It is a unisex piece, which means female climbers might need to size down a full size to get a precise fit in it. In the area of stretch, the Ocun Ozone Plus might provide only a little. The foot will lie bent (inward) within its heavily asymmetric interior. Its hook-and-loop strapping system makes lockdown customization possible.

Midsole. When it comes to additional support, senders have the Ozone Plus’ 3D Fit midsole to thank. It has a rigidity level of medium, granting the shoe a bit more flexibility. Ocun engineers layered it with a leather footbed for added comfort.

Outsole. With the Vibram XS Grip outsole, climbing in the Ocun Ozone Plus translates to reaching heights in security. It is a fully rubberized construction. Both its segments are 4 mm in thickness.

The Ocun Ozone Plus sports a low-cut upper made mainly of microfiber. Its designers equipped its heel with two pull loops to make on and off a quick affair.

Wrapping the forefoot section of this Ocun gear is the 3-Force System. It delivers enough toe-hooking grip while promoting the structural soundness of the shoe’s toe box. What provides adequate heel-hooking traction in this piece, on the other hand, is the rock shoe’s tensioned heel rand.

A pair of Velcro straps highlight the Ozone Plus’ closure system. Each of these highly adjustable straps is set through a heavy-duty beveled buckle.