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Good to know

-The vegan-friendly (a.k.a. animal-free) Ocun Nitro is a performance-oriented rock climbing shoe. It is engineered to help climbers pull off highly technical maneuvers efficiently.

-Much like most climbing shoes from Ocun, the Nitro is built with the 3-Force System. This brand-owned technology gives the shoe improved torsional (twisting) stiffness, thereby supporting the foot as it deals with micro-edges and similar tiny projections.

Downturn. The Nitro, with its highly downturned toe box, is an aggressive climbing shoe. Its hardy talon-like forefoot, along with the 3-Force System, delivers toeing precision and security on chips, pebbles, and sags. Rock shoes with this type of camber are comfy enough for short climbs and single-pitch problems.

Applications. This aggressively downturned Ocun piece is intended primarily for boulderers. Users may use it both indoors and outdoors, especially on overhanging terrain.

Ocun’s Nitro is a unisex rock climbing shoe that comes with a low-cut ankle cuff. Female senders are advised to get it in about a full size smaller than their sneaker size to get a snug fit out of it.

The toe types it accommodates by default include cube and Egyptian. The former refers to digits that are lined up seemingly in a level line, while the latter refers to toes that taper from the big toe down.

To make toeing maneuvers as precise as possible, Ocun shoemakers gave the Nitro a highly asymmetric shape. This means that the featured shoe will force the foot to bend inward, generating pressure around the climber’s arch. A secure lockdown is courtesy of the Nitro’s hook-and-loop closure.

Midsole. This competition-centric climbing shoe sports a proprietary midsole, called 2D Fit Soft. As indicated by its name, this exclusive sole technology grants a combination of support and flexibility underfoot.

Outsole. In the Ocun Nitro, wearers can mount on a variety of projections and features, including 3D ones, with a sense of security thanks to the shoe’s CAT 1.5 outsole. It has a segmented design for added flexibility. Its fully rubberized entirety comes at an overall thickness of 4.5 mm.

The Nitro owes its fuzzy texture from its synthetic below-the-ankle upper made of microfiber. Its pull loops come in twos, making on and off a relatively easy affair. Its ability to latch on to either man-made or rocky surfaces is a joint effort between the shoe’s sticky rubberized coating and tensioned rand, which is part of the 3-Force System.

Rounding out all things upper in the Ocun Nitro is the rock climbing shoe’s Velcro-based closure system. It is made up of a heavy-duty adjustable strap furnished to the edges with hook-and-loop fasteners. Its loopy attach pad is triangular, giving fit configurations even more depth.