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5 reasons to buy

  • Many Ocun Jett QC reviews speak of the rock shoe’s remarkable ability to mount on edges.
  • According to several wearers, this astonishing climbing shoe has tons of comfort to offer.
  • Its smearing prowess is very impressive, say a small number of users.
  • Based on a couple of reports, the Jett QC is a brilliant Ocun rock climbing shoe when it comes to grip performance.
  • An expert finds this high-quality gear amazingly durable.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Less than a handful of Ocun Jett QC testers are not sold on the shoe’s heel-hooking capabilities.
  • Its break-in period could be a whole lot less demanding, according to someone who has Morton’s toe.

Bottom line

Where edging and smearing are concerned, the fantastically comfortable Jett QC appears to be one of Ocun’s finest. The climbing shoe in question is also something many can bank on in terms of surface traction.

This piece of gear, however, might not be the most dependable when it comes to heel hooks. Nonetheless, the Jett QC is yet another hot item from Ocun—one that excels in scaling mountable projections.

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Good to know

-An overall stiff shoe, the Ocun Jett QC promises comfortable ascents without skimping on climbing performance. Ocun shoemakers furnished it with a seamless heel cup and a breathable tongue to up its level of comfort.

-The core design of the Jett QC revolves around security and protection. As such, its builders engineered its upper with a high-wall rand and its underside a hard-wearing CAT outsole.

Downturn. The Jett QC is one of Ocun’s moderately downturned kicks. It encourages the forefoot to curl into position, which affords climbers enough toeing precision on edges and like surfaces. Shoes with this type of camber offer lasting comfort, ideal for longer climbs and multi-pitch projects.

Applications. This all-rounder of a shoe is built primarily for sport climbing. It favors problems on overhangs and vertical faces. Senders may climb in it on a variety of surfaces, whether indoors or outdoors.

The Ocun Jett QC is a low-top unisex rock climbing shoe. Female buyers who wish to get a comfy fit in it may need to go down a full size from their street shoe size. It is tailored to accommodate those with a burlier forefoot, thanks to its more spacious instep and toe zones.

As it has asymmetric confines, the foot will more or less bend inward in it, resulting in some pressure around the arch of the foot. It might provide marginal stretch over time. Its Velcro strapping system grants wearers a personalized fit.

Midsole. Ocun’s Jett QC comes with a 2D Fit Hard midsole, which delivers sufficient support from under the foot. For a comfier in-shoe feel, Ocun engineers topped it with a plush insole made of natural leather.

Outsole. On the surface traction front, this moderate climbing shoe relies on its CAT 1.5 outsole (where CAT stands for Climbing Adhesion Technology). It is a rubberized construction, with a thickness of 4 mm. It has a continuous (non-segmented) design, which grants the shoe a sturdier platform.

The Jett QC from Ocun houses the foot in its largely microfiber upper. Two synthetic pull loops are stationed at its heel to make on and off a convenient affair. Its tongue is made of a material akin to mesh, giving the foot extra breathability as a result.

Both the upper’s arch and forefoot sections are sufficiently randed, translating to enough slip and skid resistance while toe hooking. Its rear zone, on the other hand, has a tensioned rand, which makes heel hooking as reassuring as possible.

A pair of hook-and-loop straps and beveled buckles make up the Jett QC’s closure system. The strap attach pad at the top allows for deeper fit configurations, thanks to its wide construction.


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