Northwave Tribute 2

The Northwave Tribute is a triathlon cycling shoe that features essential components needed exclusively for the sport. It is lightweight, provides easy transitions and excellent drainage and airflow.

Please note that this particular model employs composite soles, while a full-carbon version is also available. If you like this shoe, but need more rigidity in the soles, check out the Northwave Tribute 2 Carbon shoe.

Highlights and benefits of the Tribute 2

  • Sufficient stiffness for power transmission - NRG Air Carbon reinforced sole with full-carbon insert
  • Support and comfort - Anatomical arch support that perfectly contours the bow arch for all-day cycling
  • Breathability and drainage - Ultralight microfiber and vent holes in the outsole
  • Easy on and off - Two Velcro straps with side locking as prep for easy transition and a pull tab for easy time taking the shoe off
  • Pedal connection - Look Delta cleat design
  • Option to choose Speedplay cleats - An optional adapter can be installed

Other triathlon cycling shoes you may want to check

Mavic Cosmic Elite. This shoe would best suit seasoned triathletes who want to exceed their previous race performance. It is equipped with a combination of modern dial and dual strap closure. However, if you require top-notch breathability in your footgear, the Tribute 2 might do a better job in this department.

Bont Riot TR+. This model features almost the same elements as the Tribute 2 - from dual straps, heel pull-tab, and an uber breathable construct. However, if you are keen on a supportive yet comfortable fit and better power transfer, the Bont Riot TR+ might be for you. 

Facts / Specs

Weight: 290g
Use: Triathlon
Cleat design: 3 holes
Closure: Velcro
Features: Breathable, Replaceable Sole Guards, Look Delta
Material: Synthetic/Mesh upper, Carbon composite sole
BRAND Brand: Northwave

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