Northwave Spider 2: A versatile MTB shoe

The Northwave Spider 2 is a crossover between mountain bike shoes and hiking shoes. It delivers rigidity for power transfer, SPD cleat connection, and ultra grip via aggressive X-Crossbow Michelin rubber treads usually seen on hiking shoes. Aesthetic-wise, they come in a rugged sneaker-like design. 

What is it for? The shoe's overall structure yields a sporty all-terrain use. It could be worn for the following cycling endeavors:

  • Urban commutes
  • Trail riding
  • Mountain cycling
  • Touring
  • All-terrain adventures

Similar shoes you can check out

Sidi Dimaro. This bike shoe is highly-rated by its reviewers and comes with Sidi's usual premium quality build. It features the same sneaker-like design as the Northwave Spider 2 and uses Vibram for its grippy outsoles. This model might suit you better if you do gravity cycling or are after a performance-geared shoe.

Shimano GR700. This pair is similar to the Spider 2 in most ways. It displays a casual sneaker aesthetic and performs excellently for light to casual mountain cycling. You should look into this shoe if you fancy a more breathable pair with retro laces and gaiters to keep elements from going in the shoe.


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