Who should buy the Northwave Extreme Pro

Northwave has meticulously designed every aspect of the Extreme Pro. It is a solid option if you: 

  • Prefer a shoe that has the PowerShape Carbon 15 sole which embodies superior rigidity.
  • Need a shoe that has a X-Frame 2 upper construction that complements the sole in transferring every watt of power and also provides a supportive fit with no pressure points.

Northwave Extreme Pro Logo

Superior sole rigidity

Crafted from 100% unidirectional carbon fiber, the Northwave Extreme Pro offers optimal power transfer to its wearer. The PowerShape Carbon 15 sole also features the brand’s proprietary Powershape system placed on the arch of the foot for improved comfort. The outsole is measured by the company to have a 15 out of 15 stiffness index rating.

Northwave Extreme Pro Outsole

Excellent ventilation

This shoe features vent pockets deliberately situated in the toe, midfoot, and heel areas. These hollow compartments allow air to penetrate the inside of the shoe, keeping the foot cool even in warm conditions. 

Northwave Extreme Pro Excellent ventilation

Comfortable time off the bike

Rubber pads are placed on the toe and heel area to provide stability while standing or walking. They also offer friction to prevent slipping on smooth surfaces.

Northwave Extreme Pro Comfortable time off the bike

Three-bolt cleat design

The Northwave Extreme Pro employs a three-bolt cleat design. Some of the road bike pedals you can use are Time Xpresso 6, Look Keo Classic 2, and Shimano 5800. Graphs are provided for accurate cleat alignment.

Northwave Extreme Pro Three-bolt cleat design

This model is also designed to accommodate the NW Speedplay adapter. When these two are paired, the lowest stack height between foot and pedal could be achieved. A lower stack height provides a direct connection to the pedal, resulting in a more efficient power transfer.

Comfortably snug and supportive fit

Made up of the brand’s patented X-frame 2 construction, the shoe’s upper is only 0.5mm thick. This slim construct enables the material to shape after the foot as it gets tightened.

Northwave Extreme Pro upper

It is also crafted from a single piece, preventing any pressure points while providing support and comfort.

Secure fit

Utilizing a pair of SLW 2 dials, one fastens the top part and the other tightens the instep and toe areas. This system modifies the pressure distribution between the two locations.

Northwave Extreme Pro Secure fit

Prevents heel slippage

Equipped with an integrated heel system, the Extreme Pro makes heel slipping a thing of the past. This system is made from directional fiber to keep the foot in place.

Northwave Extreme Pro Prevents heel slippage

Excellent power transfer

This model’s Pro Regular Fit footbed features a dual-density design to aid in excellent power transfer while providing support at the same time.

Northwave Extreme Pro Excellent power transfer

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 260g
Base model: Northwave Extreme
Use: Road
Cleat design: 3 holes
Closure: BOA
Features: Look Delta
Collection: Northwave X Frame

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