Who should buy the Northwave Extreme

From the Italian footwear brand comes the Northwave Extreme. An eye-catching performance-driven cycling shoe was released in 2016. It is a solid option if you:

  • Need a shoe that brings comfort, looks, and power in one package.
  • Need a shoe that has Ultralight Carbon 14 and provides a high percentage of rigidity-to-weight scale.
  • Need a shoe that features excellent ventilation and shaping after the foot.

Northwave Extreme Logo

Northwave Extreme's ultralight carbon 14 sole

Equipped with the Ultralight Carbon 14 sole, the Northwave Extreme efficiently transfers every watt of energy to the bike. The sole technology is crafted from 100% unidirectional carbon. It features an extremely potent one-two punch of unmatched lightness and minimum thickness.

Northwave Extreme Northwave Extreme's ultralight carbon 14 sole

Provides stability and traction

This pair incorporates rubber pads on the toe and heel area. These pads provide both stability and traction for the rider when standing or walking short distances and prevent scraping on the sole.

Northwave Extreme  Provides stability and traction

The outsole has seven ventilation pockets, keeping the foot nice and dry even in the hot weather.

Three-bolt road cleat mount

The Northwave Extreme features a standard three-bolt road cleat mount. Some of the pedal models that are suitable for this shoe are Shimano 105 R7000, Time I-Clic and Xpresso, Look Keo Blade Carbon and Speedplay Zero.

Northwave Extreme  Three-bolt road cleat mount

Since carbon soles have a smooth texture, clipping onto the pedal might be tricky and could require several tries. Northwave has made a solution to this by applying a somewhat rough patch in the cleat area, allowing its wearers to avoid slipping and retries.

Speedplay Adapter compatible

Northwave and Speedplay collaborated together in developing an exclusive and patented adapter for NW shoes. This adapter helps reduce the distance between the foot and the pedal to just 0.5 mm versus the traditional 3 mm. With a closer feel to the pedal, maximum power transfer is easily achieved. The adapter is made of nylon with a thin aluminum plate. It is sold separately.

Northwave Extreme Outsole

Microfiber upper

The brand developed a micro-perforated BioMap upper with the help of famous athletes. This microfiber upper operates in perfect synergy with the foot’s natural movement while pedaling.

Northwave Extreme  Microfiber upper

The placement of seams and construction design ensures an optimal fit, the best comfort, and the most efficient performance.

Highly reflective

The Northwave Extreme road shoe employs a reflective coating throughout the upper, giving 360-degree visibility in dimly light places. Hence, enhancing the wearer’s level of safety. With your presence accentuated on the road, going on a ride after the sun sets should not be a problem.

Northwave Extreme  Highly reflective

Maximum precision and adjustability

Incorporating the brand’s SLW2 dials, this pair offers the perfect fit through the dials’ step-by-step closure. This means you can quickly tighten and loosen the fit accurately. Up in the toe area, an extra strap helps secure this part and provides exceptional pressure distribution.

Northwave Extreme Maximum precision and adjustability

Tightening the dial is simple, just turn the dial to fasten in micro measures. In order to loosen the dials, a side button is provided to function in two ways. It could be pressed to release in increments while lifting it allows a complete opening of the shoe. Note that the dials are replaceable.

Integrated heel system of the Northwave Extreme

The heel cup of the Northwave Extreme is hiding inside the upper’s structure, displaying a clean and minimal look. Working in conjunction with the inner heel cup is a fabric with directional fibers  that keep the heel from sliding out of the shoe.

Northwave Extreme Integrated heel system

The shoe employs the Extreme Air Evo insole, which offers adequate in-step comfort. It also features perforations placed directly on top of the sole’s vent pockets.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 8.3oz
Use: Road
Cleat design: 3 holes
Closure: BOA
Features: Reflective, Look Delta
Collection: Northwave X Frame
Material: Synthetic, Unidirectional carbon sole

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