Who should buy the Nobull Matryx Golf Shoe

The Matryx is a historical kick for being Nobull's very first athletic golf shoe. Purchase it if:

  • Spikeless golf shoes are your thing, especially those with a sleek silhouette.
  • On your list, breathable footwear takes the top spot.
  • You strongly prefer golf shoes with monochromatic colorways.
  • Shoes that stay laced up throughout the entire round are what you're after.
  • You find runner-styled golf shoes very appealing.

Who should NOT buy it

Fully waterproof and mighty sticky for a spikeless shoe, the Footjoy Pro SL is a good replacement for the Nobull Matryx Golf Shoe. Also, you might be better off buying the Adidas CodeChaos—a shoe devoid of negative comments about creasing.

Matryx Golf Shoe equals premium comfort

Numerous reviewers are over the moon about the sheer plushness of the Nobull Matryx Golf Shoe. An expert says that the featured kick is "a big tick" on the comfort front. Non-professional reviewers, however, won't be left out—they made these remarks in praise of the shoe:

  • "Perfect for walking 18 holes!"
  • "Comfort is best in class."
  • "So ridiculously comfortable."
  • "The feel was amazing."
  • "Like slippers on my feet."

But that's not even the best part. Many say that its lavish comfort is available right from the off, making it quite the ideal shoe for those who despise breaking in shoes.

Support that keeps you going

When it comes to supporting the foot, the Nobull Matryx Golf Shoe has "plenty on offer," says a professional blogger. It gives "great support for golf," says another individual.

A hit in lightness

The Nobull Matryx is highly appreciated by many for its lightness. One of them calls it "super lightweight." They are not wrong, though, as the athletic kick in question only weighs 346 grams apiece, undercutting the average weight of golf shoes by 49 grams.

The exclusive grip of the Nobull Matryx Golf Shoe

On the one hand, the Matryx Golf Shoe, according to reviewers, delivers great traction on dry surfaces. On the other hand, testers are unimpressed with its grip performance on slick terrain. "Not good in really wet conditions" and "not the best for wet conditions" are two such remarks about it.

Built to prevent sweaty feet

The Matryx Golf Shoe from Nobull is also adorned with remarks about its incredible breathability, from "breathes really well" to "great for the summer."

A healthy space for your toes

Among the things that make the Matryx Golf Shoe impressive is its roomy forefoot. It has a "nice wide toe box without feeling sloppy," says an experienced golfer.

Keep off the wet grass

Its moisture repellency appears to be subpar, according to golf players. One of them says that it "has virtually no water-resistant qualities." Another one says that it deserves "high marks for all except water resistance."

The Matryx Golf Shoe's hassle-free cleaning

Ridding the Nobull Matryx Golf Shoe of smudges and dirt is a convenient affair, according to golfers. It's "very, very easy to clean," says one among them. This is quite a welcome quality, considering that most shoes with fabric/textile uppers can be challenging to clean.

Mighty clingy shoelaces

Where some golf shoes go the unties-easily route, the Nobull Matryx Golf Shoe goes the opposite direction. In other words, once you set up the laces, you're all set—no redoing or retightening necessary between swings.

Gets creasy with use

There are those who say that the Nobull Matryx Golf Shoe creases at the forefoot flex point too soon. While getting your kicks trenched at the toes is rather common, this issue can lead to potential damage over time and with repeated use.

Tip: If you're not going to wear the Matryx for a long time, fill the shoe with some crumpled newspaper or similar. By doing this, you can prevent the crease from drooping further down.

Earn style points in the Matryx Golf Shoe

Golf players really dig the looks of the Nobull Matryx Golf Shoe. After all, the spikeless piece in question channels running-inspired sneakers with its overall low-profile silhouette and flared heel zone. It has "on and off course appeal," says one impressed reviewer. Another one simply calls it "pretty sharp-looking."

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 346g / Women 269g
Outsole: Spikeless
Waterproofing: Water-resistant
Material: Synthetic Upper
Closure: Laces
Style: Athletic
BRAND Brand: NoBull

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Cesar Monasterio

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