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Weight: Men 125g
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running
Spike Type: Pyramid

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6 reasons to buy

  • The Nike Zoom Victory Elite 2 is liked by the majority of reviewers saying that the shoe felt very responsive, ensuring a smooth ride.
  • Most wearers have mentioned that the shoe is extremely lightweight.
  • Several users appreciate the midsole comfort being offered by the Zoom Victory Elite 2.
  • A lot of users have said that the shoe fits like a glove, but with surprisingly roomy toe box.
  • Many runners have agreed that the shoe's upper is exceptionally breathable.
  • A number of users think that the shoe is great in keeping the feet cool even during intense races.   

3 reasons not to buy

  • Quite a few runners have complained about the spikes not being removable on the Zoom Victory Elite 2. They have said that it significantly reduces the longevity of the track spike.
  • A handful of reviewers have commented on the shoe's low durability because of the thin upper material.
  • A few users have said that if a runner accidentally trips while racing, chances are the shoe will have the tendency to rip.

Bottom line

The Nike Zoom Elite 2 is known for being reliable, comfortable, and ultra-lightweight. The shoe's eye-catching design, paired with its fast performance, makes the Zoom Elite 2 popular with track athletes. The shoe also features a fun, bright design and is built with quality in mind. The shoe’s durability is considered inferior due to the lightness of its upper flymesh material and its non-removable spikes. However, this Nike track shoe is still highly recommended by most reviewers for its remarkable speed and responsiveness.

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Use - The Nike Zoom Victory Elite 2 was designed to the specs of elite track athletes. This shoe was made to offer top of the line technology for 800m – 5000m and 3K – 10K track events.

Spike Type - Using six 1/4 inch non-replaceable Pyramid spikes that are very versatile, it can be used to race for both track and cross country. These spikes are also to perform well on grass and rubber surfaces. The Nike Zoom 400 also uses pyramid-type spikes, though this shoe is more suited for sprints.

Spike Plate - The shoe incorporates the 3/4 inch Pebax spike plate which provides zoned stiffness and flexibility while gripping the track. 

  • The Zoom Victory Elite 2's upper has been updated for better air ventilation.  It now uses a Flymesh fabric material, which features ventilated zones that provide breathable comfort within the shoe. It also makes the shoe lightweight delivering faster speed on the track.
  • The shoe was also made to have an anatomical toe design that follows the natural contours of the runner's foot.  It helps in enhancing propulsion by creating more space in the forefoot, which allows for natural movement during toe-off.
  • Nike’s Phylon midsole technology is used for the  Zoom Victory Elite 2's midsole. It helps make the shoe feel lightweight, and it is also responsible for the shoe's responsive cushioning.
  • A Sharkskin heel pad is also used to provide optimal grip during races. This Sharkskin heel design is made of a thermoplastic material that offers increased durability and traction.

The Nike Zoom Victory Elite 2 fits true to size. Like with most other track spikes, this shoe has a narrow heel width and a low midfoot volume for a snug fit. It also comes with a low toe box height to ensure a secure hold on the toes while still allowing a natural splay.

The outsole of the Zoom Victory Elite 2 features a Pebax spike plate that has a generative plate design. It combines zones of stiffness and flexibility for improved performance. This spike plate guarantees the right amount of propulsion and grip, which helps runners keep their grip on the track surface.

This 3/4 inch Pebax spike plate is fitted with six non-removable Pyramid steel spikes. These spikes do offer not only optimal grip but also maximum traction and speed.

As for the remainder of the shoe's outsole, the rearfoot area features a grid-like construction called the Sharkskin heel pad. It helps to improve traction, offers enhanced grip on multiple types of surfaces, and faster speed at all times.

The Zoom Victory Elite 2's midsole cushioning uses the Phylon foam technology. It is made of compressed EVA foam pellets which were also expanded with heat and then cooled down into a mold.  This Phylon foam offers responsive cushioning that gives the wearer that needed rebound during the run. This midsole foam is very lightweight and low profile. It runs the whole length of the shoe, giving it the right amount of minimal protection that is fitted between the upper and outsole. 

The lightweight upper of the Zoom Victory Elite 2 was constructed with the Flymesh upper material. It is made from an ultra-breathable mesh that allows cool air to fully permeate the shoe's entire upper. Thus, the wearer's foot has a constant circulation of fresh air and therefore creating a healthy environment inside the shoe.

This Flymesh material makes the shoe featherlight as a racing shoe needs to feel light to perform well. Its lightness also keeps the shoe's weight down, making it faster.

The Zoom Victory Elite 2's upper also features a thin mesh tongue which is also meant to offer enhanced breathability.

The shoe also uses the new Dynamic Flywire construction, which is an arch strap that is located internally to help secure the shoe on the wearer's foot better.

Lastly, even the tongue of the shoe is made of mesh, which is an additional area that helps with ventilation.

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