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Use -The Nike Zoom Victory 3 OTC is a running spike that’s best suited for distance meets. It can generate robust performance in mid-distance and long-distance running. With its componentry, it can cover distances from 800 meters all the way up to 5000 meters. 

Spike Type - Intended for grippy, versatile traction, pyramid pins are assigned to the track spike. These follow the standard length which is ¼ inch and are detachable. 

Spike Plate - Providing a good amount of stiffness and flexibility is the shoe’s ¾-length Generative plate. It aids the runner in executing a propulsive performance on the tracks.

The Zoom Victory 3 OTC features a redesigned Generative plate. It is intended to provide a combination of stiffness and flexibility. 

A Cushlon midsole is fashioned into the running spike. This midsole composition delivers plush cushioning to the foot. It also serves impact mitigation and protection from deterioration. 

For an overall featherlight construction, a single-layer Flymesh upper is incorporated. It maximizes breathability and security while minimizing bulk.

The Nike Zoom Victory 3 OTC is only offered in men’s sizing scheme. Women are advised to subtract 1.5 from their usual size preference. This is to secure the precise fit and size.

The technical aspects of the shoe that affect its fit are the single-layer Flymesh upper and the internal arch strap. The Flymesh upper wraps snugly around the foot, preventing unwanted removal. This is supplemented by the internal arch strap which secures midfoot lockdown and support.

Equipped to the outsole of the Nike Zoom Victory 3 OTC is a refined Generative plate that measures ¾ in length. It sports different zones of flexibility and stiffness—fundamental for propulsion. It serves as an underfoot cushioning, mitigating shock, especially during impact. It also houses the spike wells wherein the spike pins are attached. Such configuration allows for a versatile grip on the ground.

For extended traction, sharkskin outsole is added to the running shoe’s design. The same technical element is present in the Nike Zoom Matumbo 3. Due to its texture, it offers slip resistance, enabling a stable performance on the tracks.

Located in the midsole is a Cushlon foam which is almost a complete replication of the Phylon midsole. The only difference is that it has higher rubber content. Such composition offers more resilience while minimizing bulk. Compared to most foams in the market, Cushlon is distinguished as a more responsive midsole component.

To keep weight at an absolute minimum, the Zoom Victory 3 OTC features a single-layer Flymesh upper. It supplies a seamless wrap around the foot, promoting comfort. It keeps the foot in place by providing a sock-like wrap as it envelopes the contours of the foot. Moreover, its ventilation zones offer a healthy foot environment, free of sweat and bacteria. 

Complementing the single-layer Flymesh upper is the track shoe’s internal arch strap. It is tasked with the midfoot lockdown for ultimate security. This enables a slip-free running experience.

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