Profile of the Nike Zoom SD 4

Use - The Nike Zoom SD 4 is a throwing shoe that’s designed to deliver elite-level performance. Its configuration suits throwing events like discus, glide and rotation shot put, and hammer/weight throw.

Updates to Nike Zoom SD 4

  • Touted to be more lightweight than its predecessor, the Nike Zoom SD 4 is equipped with features that lessen its bulk. Featuring a reduced cross-rocker in the forefoot, the shoe is able to give more surface contact and stability. 
  • Found in the upper of the Zoom SD 4 is its integration of the Dynamic Flywire into its upper design. Such technology gives the shoe an improved fit without inducing added weight.

Size and fit

The Nike Zoom SD 4 is available in unisex sizing using men’s sizing scheme. Thus, it is advised that for female users to go 1.5 sizes down. 

Providing a snug and lockdown fit to the upper of the shoe is its midfoot strap. Meanwhile, the synthetic leather upper of the Zoom SD 4 enhances the overall fit of this track and field shoe. Lastly, the dynamic Flywire of the shoe secures support and fit. 


Inherently sturdy and durable, Nike Zoom SD 4’s outsole is composed of BRS1000. It is made out of textured carbon rubber that’s known for its superb grip and traction. It has a contoured design and runs full length to protect the shoe from the asphalt’s abrasive nature. 

In order to permit ease of rotation, a pivot point is situated at the medial forefoot of the platform. Additionally, flex grooves are incorporated in order to deliver a flexible experience and accommodate the various movements of the athlete. 


To adhere to the lightweight construction of the Zoom SD 4, a low-profile EVA midsole is employed. This component cushions the foot and protects it from impact, preventing injuries. The same midsole component is incorporated into the Adidas Distancestar

Found in the forefoot of the shoe is a reduced cross-rocker. It provides more ground contact and a stable ride without sacrificing the weight of the shoe.


Providing the Nike Zoom SD 4 a lockdown and secure fit is its synthetic leather upper. Such upper design features some perforations over the toe box, revealing a mesh layer for breathability. 

On the medial midfoot, a midfoot strap is embellished. It keeps the upper snug to the foot, further securing the fit of the Zoom SD 4. 

Meanwhile, Dynamic Flywires are furnished to the shoe to enhance its fit. These are composed of Vectran or nylon, keeping the weight down while maximizing the support of the shoe. 


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