Weight: Men 196g
Update: Nike Zoom Rival M 9
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running

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Use - Apparent through its name, the Nike Zoom Rival M 5 is best used in middle-distance running matches. These running events can range from 400 meters up until 1500 meters. 

Spike Plate - Configured for superior durability and traction, a nylon spike plate is added into the outsole. This plate is known for employing minimal weight, preventing drag from occurring.

The design principle of the Nike Zoom Rival M 5 is to promote lightness and flexibility. This has been achieved with the improved componentry of the track shoe

One of the new technical elements introduced to the mid-distance spike’s design is the one-piece mudguard upper. It employs minimal weight while amplifying durability and fit. 

A ¾ length solid rubber is also added to the running shoe’s outsole composition. Aside from heightening sturdiness, it also enhances grip for swift performance.

The Nike Zoom Rival M 5 is only offered in men’s sizes and is engineered following the standard width. Given this, women are advised to deduct 1.5 from their usual size. This is intended to secure an accurate fit and size. 

For a supportive and secure fit, the track spike incorporates a one-piece mudguard upper. This upper component is complemented by the synthetic overlays. These push the foot down into the midsole, providing lockdown. Moreover, the EVA wedge of the running spike promotes a better fit.

The outsole of the Nike Zoom Rival M 5 sports a combination of both rubber and nylon spike plate. These components offer both durability and traction on the track surfaces. 

Intended to deliver superb slip resistance, a rubber outsole is furnished to the running spike's composition. It runs ¾ in length and is made of high-quality materials. With its makeup, it supplies both durability and flexibility. 

Complementing the rubber outsole is the nylon plate of the track running platform. It hosts the changeable pins of the track spike for multi-surface traction. It also serves as an underfoot cushioning, mitigating shock upon impact.

Embedded on the midsole is a thin EVA wedge which is also found in the Nike Zoom JA Fly 3. This keeps the running platform low to the ground. Moreover, it is very durable, it is able to withstand natural wear and tear. The EVA wedge is responsible for providing a highly responsive running experience to the athlete. It also offers comfort with the ample cushioning it employs.

The upper of the Nike Zoom Rival M 5 flaunts a one-piece mudguard upper. Its construction allows for a supportive durable fit. 

Acting as the ventilation system of the foot chamber, mesh panels are added to the upper. The perforations of the upper material let in air into the platform. This promotes a healthy foot environment, free of odor and sweat. 

For structural integrity, synthetic overlays are also welded to the upper. These overlays lock the foot securely in place while reinforcing the structure of the track shoe.

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Same sizing as Nike Zoom Rival M 9.

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