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Use - Although the Zoom Rival D 7 is configured mainly for long-distance meets, it can also function in mid-distance races. These events can range from 800 meters up until 5000 meters. 

Spike Type - Best suited for track rubber surfaces, pyramid spike pins are ideal for the running shoe. These are replaceable and measure ¼ inch in length for lightweight, multi-surface traction. These pins are responsible for digging into the ground, maximizing speed. 

Spike Plate - A Pebax® plate with a six-pin layout is furnished to the outsole. Its composition exhibits flexibility for unrestricted movements and lightness, preventing drag.

To lessen the bulk of the running spike while enhancing grip, a ¾ length rubber outsole is integrated. It is complemented by the shoe’s Pebax® distance plate.

Another refinement introduced is the addition of a new integrated arch bandage. This technical element is intended for amplified support and reinforcement. 

The rest of the track shoe’s makeup replicates that of its predecessor. For instance, it still flaunts Nike's proprietary midsole technology—Phylon foam. It pronounces the responsiveness of the long-distance running shoe.

The Nike Zoom Rival D 7 is available in men and women’s sizing. It is designed using the standard width, thus purchasers can get a pair with their usual size preference. 

Some of the factors affecting the fit of the long-distance running spike are the mesh upper, integrated arch bandage, and Phylon midsole. The mesh upper promotes foot conformity for security while the arch bandage optimizes support. The Phylon midsole, meanwhile, keeps the foot in place while maintaining a well-cushioned platform.

As mentioned, the outsole construction of the Zoom Rival D 7 features a combination of both rubber outsole and Pebax® plate. These components pose for trimmed down weight and aggressive traction, enabling a robust performance. 

The rubber outsole measures ¾ in length and is tasked with heightening the slip resistance of the long-range shoe. It promotes a good grip on the ground, delivering surefootedness and enhanced speed. Because of its durable attributes, it withstands natural wear and tear and abrasive track elements. 

Accompanying the rubber outsole is the track spike's Pebax® plate. Aside from offering superior traction, it also exhibits a good amount of pliability. This element is essential for runners to have a range of foot movements. It supplements comfort, permitting endurance in the competition. The same outsole component is present in the Nike Zoom 400.

The Zoom Rival D 7 features Nike’s famous midsole innovation—Phylon foam. It is composed of featherlight materials, making it an ideal component of a long-distance running spike. Its engineering also secures sturdiness for lasting performance on the tracks. Moreover, since it has ample cushioning, it protects the foot from trauma, absorbing shock with each footstrike.

Cohering to the ultra-light fashion of the Nike Zoom Rival D 7 is the mesh upper. It adapts to the natural shape and contours of the foot for maximum lockdown and ventilation. The sufficient amount of airflow in the foot chamber permits a healthy foot environment. 

For support and structural integrity, an integrated arch bandage is implemented. It keeps the foot in place while making sure that there is ample reinforcement for torsional rigidity.