Verdict from 6 user reviews

5 reasons to buy

  • According to several customers, the Nike Zoom Matumbo 2 is very comfortable. 
  • Several buyers claim that the track spike fits well. 
  • It has good traction, expressed many testers. 
  • A few athletes state that the running shoe improves their performance. 
  • Many users laud its versatility; it can function in a variety of running events.

2 reasons not to buy

  • There are reviewers who remarked that long-distance spike lacks durability. 
  • It does not have sufficient responsiveness, noted some runners.

Bottom line

The Nike Zoom Matumbo 2 is a long-distance spike that is engineered for high-grade performance. Its innovative features deliver top-notch function on a multitude of track surfaces. Its componentry loads the track spike with support in the shape of a featherlight platform. With the Matumbo 2, athletes can connect with the tracks and experience superior performance.

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Good to know

Use - The Nike Zoom Matumbo 2 is engineered specifically for long-distance running meets. These matches can range from 3000 meters to 10000 meters. 

Spike Type - For a lightweight, grippy configuration, the distance shoe is furnished with four pyramid pins. These have strategic placements in order to maximize the speed of the contender. These measure ¼ inch in length and dig into the track surface for propulsion. 

Spike Plate - A horseshoe-shaped Pebax® plate is furnished to generate exceptional traction. It exhibits flexibility to allow the athlete to last in the competition. It is tasked with hosting the changeable pins of the track spike for multi-surface grip.

The Nike Zoom Matumbo series has always been distinguished as one of the lightest running spikes introduced by Nike. To improve and cement the collection’s reputation in the market, the Matumbo 2 has been engineered to feature some upgrades. 

First, it has a new midsole composition; it is embedded with Nike’s famous Phylon midsole. It is responsible for providing a responsive underfoot cushioning. 

Its Pebax® plate is revamped to sport a three-fingered style while maintaining the same four-pin configuration. This construction is intended for grippy traction.

The Nike Zoom Matumbo 2 only runs in men’s sizing measurement and is designed in standard width. Women are advised to go 1.5 sizes down to secure accurate fit and size. 

The technical elements responsible for the fit of the Matumbo 2 are the mesh upper, Flywire technology, and Phylon midsole. The mesh upper provides an adaptive fit while the Flywire technology locks the foot in place. The Phylon midsole, meanwhile, generates a supportive fit.

Similar to the Nike Zoom D, a Pebax® plate is deployed on the outsole of the Nike Zoom Matumbo 2. It is a three-fingered, polymer-based plate that has a four-pin fashion. This composition maximizes the forward motion of the runner for heightened speed. 

The four-pin design of the distance plate is intended to keep the weight of the running spike at an absolute minimum. It amplifies the endurance of the contender for lasting performance. 

For added grip on the track surface, a sharkskin heel is incorporated into the shoe’s makeup. It has slip-resistant qualities for a stable running experience.

Tasked with implementing lightness and durability, a Phylon foam is situated within the Matumbo 2. It has shock-mitigating attributes, preventing foot trauma during footstrike. It serves as the underfoot cushioning, providing plush, in-shoe comfort.

One of the promises of the Nike Zoom Matumbo 2 is to supplement security and lockdown. To achieve such a feat, it is graced with Nike’s Flywire technology. It employs Flywire cables that pose for high-strength security and midfoot wrap for a dynamic, glove-like fit. It also eliminates the need to employ overlays, eliminating weight waste. 

Serving as the long-distance spike’s outer coverage, ultra-light, and soft mesh is utilized. It follows the natural contours and shape of the foot, locking it in place. Its flexibility also permits unrestricted foot movements.