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6 reasons to buy

  • The Zoom Mamba 2 offers plush comfort, commented some purchasers.
  • It is quite flexible; it did not restrict foot movements, reported some users. 
  • Many laud the moisture-wicking qualities of the track shoe. 
  • Quite a few athletes state that the running spike is highly breathable. 
  • It has a good grip on the track surface, claimed a number of runners. 
  • The running platform’s spike plate delivers efficient toe-offs, commended some testers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The heel design of the running shoe does not offer sufficient stability, remarked some reviewers. 
  • According to some buyers, it is quite tight on the foot.

Bottom line

The Zoom Mamba 2 is a track spike that pays tribute to long-distance running champions. It flaunts vibrant colors that embody the Kenyan flag. It comes from a lineage of high-performance track running shoes, offering a superior grip. Although sporting a featherlight construction, the running spike does not sacrifice security and support. It is generously loaded with comfort, protection, and durability. With the Nike Zoom Mamba 2, runners can expect an explosive performance on the tracks.

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Good to know

Use - The Nike Zoom Mamba 2 is designated for a multitude of track running events. These track meets can range from 1500 meters all the way up to 5000 meters. Its engineering also makes it suitable for steeplechase. 

Spike Type - Ideal for track rubber surfaces, the track shoe is paired with pyramid pins. These spike pins enable propulsion by digging into the track surface with each stride of the runner.  

Spike Plate - A three-fingered Pebax® plate maximizes support and traction. It has a good balance of both rigidity and weight, optimizing the forward motion of the user.

The Nike Zoom Mamba 2 has retained the composition of its outsole and midsole. The only changes that have been made are the refinements made to the upper. 

The revamped upper of the running spike features a lighter and softer wrap around the foot. The upper design is also intended to add more flare to the track shoe.

The Nike Zoom Mamba 2 is only offered in men’s sizing scheme and is configured using the standard width. For women, it is recommended to subtract 1.5 from their usual size preference. 

The technical elements directly affecting the fit of the running platform are the monomesh upper and textured footbed. The upper material envelopes around the foot tightly while maintaining comfort. The insole, on the other hand, adds support and improves fit.

Featuring a three-fingered Pebax® plate, the Zoom Mamba 2 offers better flexibility and lightness. This design helps in optimizing the forward motion of the athlete. With the spike plate’s pliability, users can perform with a wide range of foot movements. More importantly, the plate enables added support and grip. This promotes stability and speed—integral for robust running performance. The same outsole element is present in the Nike Zoom Rival S 9.

Nike's famous Phylon comprises the midsole of the track spike. It is made of highly durable materials that enable resistance from natural wear and tear. Its configuration also permits responsiveness and cushioning, protecting the foot from shock during impact. It is also lighter than the standard midsole components in the market. 

Layered on top of the Phylon midsole is the track shoe’s textured sockliner. It pronounces the comfort, even more, and betters the fit of the shoe.

The upper of the Nike Zoom Mamba 2 has been reconfigured to have less bulk and more support. Wrapping around the contours and shape of the foot is the single-layer monomesh material. It has a number of perforations that are strategically placed, acting as the airflow system of the platform. This permits a healthy foot environment.


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