Who should buy the Nike Zoom JA Fly 3

This track spike from Nike is likely to suit athletes who need the following:

  • a sprint shoe for  short distances (100 to 400 meters)
  • a spike for both workouts and competitions
  • a speed-enhancing spike for setting personal records

Nike Zoom JA Fly 3 best for

Who should not buy the spike

The Nike Zoom JA Fly 3 is not the best match if you are not a fan of the asymmetrical lacing system. Some find it beneficial, while others feel uncomfortable in it. But if you want a Nike spike with straight lacing, Zoom 400 is a solid option.

And if you don’t mind paying an extra $25 to get a top-of-the-class Nike spike, consider Zoom Superfly Elite 2.

Propulsive platform with the Pebax plate

The full-length Pebax plate in the base of the Nike Zoom JA Fly 3 works wonders on the track. Runners enjoy a fine balance of cushioning and propulsion provided for each step:

  • “good feedback, good snapback”
  • “keeps you on your toes”
  • “an absolute blast to run in”
  • “the Porsche 911 of sprint spikes”

Many of them shared that this Nike spike helped them set countless personal bests. One athlete even shares that he was able to cut off more than 1.5 seconds on 200 meters.

Nike Zoom JA Fly 3 pebax plate

Reviewers also note that the strategic placement of stiffness and flexibility zones really gets you rolling once you hit that necessary velocity.

Zoom JA Fly 3 is super grippy

With its eight ⅜-inch pyramid-type spikes made of stainless steel, the JA Fly 3 demonstrates an amazing level of grip. As one reviewer puts it, the shoe is “grippy as hell” and he could feel the spikes “really dig into the track to push [him] forward.” Some also mentioned that the Pebax outsole on the Nike Zoom JA Fly 3 is a grippier version of the Zoom 400.

It’s a lightweight spike

Most athletes agree that the Fly 3 is rather light and “light enough to accelerate.” It is also lighter than Nike sprint spikes on average. In a men’s US size 9, it’s 5.2 oz (147 g) which is lighter than the average 6.5 oz (184 g).

Nike Zoom JA Fly 3 lightweight

Very secure wrap and lockdown fit

Based on the general users’ feedback, the Flyweave upper does a great job molding to the shape of the foot leaving no chance of foot sliding or heel slippage. It feels “super-duper locked down,” reports one of them.

Nike Zoom JA Fly 3 asymmetrical lacing

The seamless upper design keeps the foot comfortable and free of chafing and skin irritations. There is also a low heel counter at the back which helps to reduce pressure and fatigue in the Achilles tendon. One concern that a runner had with the upper fabric is that it might eventually “crinkle” like on the Hoka Speed Evo R.

The asymmetrical placement of the tongue and lacing is appreciated for keeping the foot supported and “a lot more fluent” on the curves. However, a few people found it somewhat restricting and unnatural which makes straight lacing a better choice for them.

Keeps the foot ventilated

The Flyweave also appears to provide a nice airflow and ventilation, protecting the feet from overheating.

Nike Zoom JA Fly 3 breathable

Durability has room for improvement

Opinions split on the durability of the Nike Zoom JA Fly 3. About half of the athletes claim it to be durable, even after “thousands and thousands of meters on the odometer.” The other half, however, have complaints about the spikes. They report that over time, the shoe no longer holds the spikes in as tight and they start to unravel or separate.

Nike Zoom JA Fly 3 durability

A vibrant shoe for setting speed records

Nike doesn’t skimp on bright colorways for the Zoom JA Fly 3: purple, pink, mango, etc. Athletes really enjoy the visual aspect of the spike confirming that “when you look good, you play good.”

One tester says that he always catches people looking at his feet whenever he wears the spike.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 147g
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running
Features: Removable Spikes
Spike Type: Pyramid
Spike Size: 3/8-inch
Surface: Rubber

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Zack Dunn
Zack Dunn

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