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5 reasons to buy

  • The stiffness of the Nike Zoom JA Fly 2’s spike plate maximizes propulsion, remarked many wearers. 
  • It helps optimize ground control, as commented by several reviewers.
  • A number of athletes appreciate its lightweight construction. 
  • Quite a few users claim that it offers breathability. 
  • The track shoe has durable engineering, observed some purchasers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few commenters are disappointed because the track spike is not tight-fitting. 
  • Some athletes state that it can cause some discomfort because of its lack of cushioning. 

Bottom line

Promising an explosive performance, the Nike Zoom JA Fly 2 features some of Nike's most innovative technologies. It flaunts a perfect combination of lightness, durability, and traction with its overall makeup. Worthy of its price, the Zoom Ja Fly 2 is one that highlights a comfortable yet propulsive running experience on the tracks.

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Use - Touted as a track spike that will help athletes bolt off in their competitions and training, the Nike Zoom JA Fly 2 is built to deliver maximum surface grip. It does so in short-range track and field meets or sprinting. 

Spike Type - The shoe sports 8 removable pyramid spikes that are ⅜-inch in length. These are strategically placed on the forefoot of the sprinting shoe to dig in the ground for optimal grip, powering the runner’s pace. 

Spike Plate - Designed to accommodate the spike pins of the shoes is its Pebax® plate. It exhibits a balance of rigidity and weight, boosting traction to further the momentum of the athlete. 

Compared to the first model of the series, the Nike Zoom JA Fly 2 is engineered to shed off some weight, offering a lighter feel. This is achieved by introducing some lightweight materials into the composition of the shoe. 

For a snug, secure fit, the running spike still incorporates Nike’s well-known Flywire technology. It locks the foot in place while maintaining minimal weight. 

Another important enhancement made to the track shoe is its single-layer mesh upper. It promotes ventilation into the foot chamber to maintain a healthy foot environment while trimming down some weight. 

The Nike Zoom JA Fly 2 is designed using unisex sizing, following men’s sizing scheme. For women to acquire accurate fit and size of the track shoe, it is advised that they go 1.5 sizes down. 

There are two main components of the sprint spike’s size and fit. These include the single-layer mesh upper that follows the natural shape of the foot for a glove-like fit. On the other hand, the Flywire cables are responsible for locking down the foot in place, preventing premature removal and slippage. 

Fashioned in the same manner with Nike Zoom Rival S 9, the Zoom JA Fly 2 features a Pebax® spike plate that contains 8 spike receptacles. It is widely recognized for being highly durable and rigid. These elements make up its long-lasting, propulsive qualities on the tracks.  

The midsole of the Nike Zoom JA Fly 2 is equipped with a Phylon midsole wedge. It serves as the track spike’s cushioning, providing comfort for the athlete to last in the competition. Moreover, it is tasked with delivering the track spike’s shock-attenuating properties to protect the foot from any injury. 

To support the featherlight construction of the Nike Zoom JA Fly 2, a single-layer mesh makes up its upper configuration. With its perforations and seamless design, it offers breathability and an irritation-free performance. 

The Flywire technology- a proprietary innovation from Nike- secures foot lockdown. It is very lightweight and consists of high-strength laces. The fastening system of the track spike presents asymmetric placement for enhanced foot conformity. 

Lastly, a mono-wrap burrito tongue improves the security supplemented by the shoe. 

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