Who should buy the Nike Zoom JA Fly

The Nike Zoom JA Fly is a multi-purpose track spike recommended for:

  • competitive runners at all levels 
  • sprints and hurdles
  • 100 to 400 meters

Nike Zoom JA Fly nike


Use – The Nike Zoom JA Fly is a running spike that’s perfect for sprinting meets. These can range from 100 to 400 meters. Because it’s also engineered to be a multi-purpose track spike, it can also function in hurdles. 

Spike Type – There are eight Christmas tree spikes assigned to the sprint shoe. These spike pins compress on the track surface to yield a robust energy return to the foot, powering the pace of the runner. 

Spike Plate – For aggressive, unparalleled traction, a rigid plate is affixed to the track spike. It houses the detachable pins of the sprint shoe for multi-surface traction. It also exhibits high-strength properties for added durability.

Nike Zoom JA Fly profile

Maximizes performance

In order to serve its pledge of being one of the best sprint spikes released by Nike, the Zoom JA Fly is loaded with reliable technologies. These help maximize the performance of the runners on the tracks.

Nike Zoom JA Fly maximizes performance

One of the integral features of the track running shoe is its incorporation of synthetic leather upper—combined with Nike’s Flywire technology. This mix allows for a featherlight, propulsive ride. 

Zoom JA Fly offers plush cushioning 

A low-profile Phylon midsole also enables plush cushioning to the underfoot. It keeps weight down to an absolute minimum for ultra-light platform composition.

Nike Zoom JA Fly midsole

The Nike Zoom JA Fly only runs in men’s sizing measurement. It is designed using the standard width. Thus, women are advised to deduct 1.5 from their usual size preference to secure precise fit and size. 

Supportive, well-cushioned fit 

There are several components that directly affect the fit of the Zoom JA Fly. For one, its Phylon wedge allows for a supportive, well-cushioned fit.

Nike Zoom JA Fly well-cushioned fit

Its Flywire technology permits durable, adjustable wrap. Lastly, its synthetic leather upper has foot-conforming abilities that are integral for security and lockdown.

Explosive sprint performance 

Running full-length on the outsole of the Nike Zoom JA Fly, a stiff yet light spike plate is furnished. It hosts the receptacles and risers of the sprint spike for unrivaled traction.

Nike Zoom JA Fly outsole

Moreover, it keeps the runner up on the toes for explosive sprint performance. Just like the Nike Zoom Mamba 5, the Zoom JA Fly is equipped with a Phylon wedge. 

Delivers the rebounding properties 

This technology is made of compressed EVA foam pellets that are expanded via heat then cooled into a mold.

Nike Zoom JA Fly responsive cushioning

It provides responsive cushioning and delivers the rebounding properties needed during the run. It is also very light, cohering to the overall design principle of the Nike Zoom JA Fly.

Nike Zoom JA Fly offers breathable security 

Composed of synthetic leather material, the upper of the Zoom JA Fly serves featherlight coverage. It locks the foot in place along with the running shoe’s Flywire technology. It is composed of highly durable laces which permit a dialed-in fit.

Nike Zoom JA Fly breathable security

This upper construction also allows for breathable security, promoting a healthy foot environment. This, in turn, disables odor and bacteria from flourishing within the foot chamber.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 198g
Update: Nike Zoom JA Fly 3
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running
Features: Removable Spikes
Spike Type: Christmas Tree
Spike Size: 1/4-inch

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Zack Dunn

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