Our verdict

It's got a superb grip and it's snappy, the Nike Zoom 400 is easily one of my favourites when it comes to short-distance track events. And with its cushy ride, I was able to do longer sprints from 400-800m distances in it. Thanks to its upper, it delivers a supportive, slip-free wrap. But, what has disappointed me a bit is the upper - it wears easily!


  • Perfect for 400-800m
  • Snappy
  • Excellent traction
  • Great midfoot lockdown
  • Great value


  • Durability issues
  • Not so breathable

Audience verdict


Nike Zoom 400 review 

This spike is great for exactly what it was intended for: 400m. It also works great for the 200-800m. It has a great amount of snappiness and power with just the right amount of comfort for longer sprint events, along with shorter ones as well. 

I was impressed with the way it performed and is definitely one of my favourite running spikes I’ve used for shorter distances. 

Nike Zoom 400

Who this shoe is (not) for

If you’re a sprinter who wants a fast spike with some extra cushion or a sprinter who runs the longer-based events such as the 400-800m, then these spikes will be the ones for you. 

I don't think you should buy this shoe if: 

How Zoom 400 was tested

Here are some sessions have used it for:

  • 800m Race (2:02),
  • 400m Race (53 seconds),
  • 2 x 50m, 3 x 100m, 2 x 200m @ hard sprint effort.

Perfect for long sprint races

I really enjoyed the way this spike felt for what I’ve used it for. 

  • For under 400m I had found it to be snappy and provide good amounts of power to go your fastest for 100-200m, while still being comfortable. 
  • For 400m to 800m (nothing more than 800m), these spikes were just cushioned enough to still be comfortable for a longer sprint, as well as being snappy enough to go fast, but not too stiff to hurt the feet. 

Just enough cushion to be comfortable

The midsole of this spike consists of a thin layer of a phylon foam slab.

Nike Zoom 400 spikes

I found it to be comfortable just up to 800m distances while not feeling too soft, just absorbing more of an impact in the 400-800m distances but still keeping a low to the ground profile. 

Zoom 400 is snappy and a little forgiving

The plate of this spike is a full-length Pebax Spike Plate that utilises a honeycomb pattern. (clarification: stiffness of the plate is based on the size of the holes in the spike pattern; the larger the holes the more the flexibility).

Nike Zoom 400 inner side

It is stiff enough that it provides the right amount of power and forward propulsion for the 400m, which means it's not as stiff as say a 100m-200m spike, such as the Nike Ja Fly 3 or the Nike Superfly Elite 2, but still provides enough power and aggressiveness to be able to sprint the shorter distances. 

Being that the spike plate is a little more forgiving, it worked amazing for the 800m race, providing great power throughout the race, especially the last 300m when you’re starting your kick.

Superb traction

This spike utilises 7 removable stainless-steel pins to grip the track and ensure no slipping.

Outsole on Nike Zoom 400

Great lockdown

This spike utilises a Flyweave upper that provides good durability and a lightweight fit. One detail I enjoyed is that the spike has a more reinforced toe which provides extra durability for block starts.

I found the upper to be very comfortable and to fit just right while providing good overall lockdown. 

Durability issues

The only problem I worry about with the upper is the tongue has thinner sections that seem to be able to tear easily. 

Upper on Nike Zoom 400

Not so breathable

A slight downside is that the spike upper is not the most breathable but is not overly warm either. 

Nike Zoom 400 looks fast

In terms of looks, it has a simplistic design yet still looks fast and sleek.

Outer side of Nike Zoom 400

Great quality for the value

The price of this spike is great at £120. With most Nike high-quality running spikes being around £130, I found these to be great for that price with the same quality!