Nike Waffle Trainer 2 SP takes us back to the 70s

Nike Waffles will always have a soft spot in the hearts of vintage-loving sneakerheads as they carry the waffle cake-like sole that happened to be the first innovation from Swoosh. It’s one of the most retroed kicks by the brand, adored for its minimalist style. And the Waffle Trainer 2 SP is just one of them that wins the attention of even those who care less about its storied sole.

What makes this Waffle shoe tasteful?

  • Its fabricated upper made of nylon and suede is a carrot for those who want breathable, old-fashioned sneakers
  • The exposed foam on the tongue doesn’t only provide savory detailing but comfort too
  • Its foam midsole isn’t as heavenly as other squishy soles, but it’s generally shock absorbing  
  • The trademark waffle sole offers durability and traction

Other retroed, budget-friendly Waffle kicks

  • Air Tailwind 79 has air cushioning implanted in the sole and a partly raised tongue than the Waffle Trainer 2 SP.
  • Daybreak comes with arch support for balance. Unlike the Waffle Trainer 2 SP dressed in aged colors, the Daybreak is available in bold shades.
  • Waffle One is built with a transparent mesh on the sides, making it airier than the Waffle Trainer 2 SP.


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