Our verdict

Nike Debut Waffle has a tasteful mix of edgy style and bang-on comfort. This Nike Waffle puts a fresh and somewhat futuristic spin on the old-school trainer using modern cushioning and playful colours. It’s a budget sneaker you can easily pull off with many outfits. And we believe that you can keep it as a staple in your wardrobe rotation for a good stretch of time.


  • Chicly modern
  • No break-in needed
  • Well-cushioned
  • Ideal for all-day use
  • Fitting for long walks
  • Superb traction
  • Long-lasting
  • Very light
  • Dirt cheap
  • Great quality


  • Tight toe space
  • Unsuited for wide-footed
  • Wrinkles easily




Who should buy the Nike Waffle Debut?

You wouldn’t want to let this pass, especially if:

  • you’re a big fan of the Nike Waffles 
  • you’re pennywise and want a cheap yet stylish sneak 
  • having a well-cushioned sneaker is a big plus for you
  • running-inspired suede Nike kicks get you
  • you want hip-looking kicks that are comfy from day one 

Nike Waffle Debut buy

Who should not buy it?

If you love Nike Waffles and prefer the forefoot area to be roomy, drop this and check out the Nike Waffle One. Or try the Nike CruzrOne, as it’s considerably broader than the Waafle Debut. 

Nike Waffle Debut dont buy

Not wide foot-friendly

Waffle Debut runs slightly on the narrow side. But, the good news is that it isn’t as cramped as the SB Blazers such as the Nike SB Blazer Low GT and base model SB Blazer Low.

We anticipate that the shoe is going to feel tight around the toes for wide footers. So, we recommend going a half-size larger to achieve a better fit. Loosening the laces of changing the lacing pattern could also help the situation.

Nike Waffle Debut tight

Comfy from day one 

We found this Nike sneaker to be incredibly comfortable, even when it was fresh out of the box. Its combination of soft suede and nylon felt right at home and didn’t require any breaking in. 

Undeniably plush!

The sneaker's bottom may resemble a firm wedge but it has a lot of padding that’s neither too soft nor too hard. There is also a plush insole inside that helps to compensate for the firmness. That way, we think this Nike sneaker is a bit more comfortable underfoot compared to the original Waffle running shoe. 

Nike Waffle Debut midsole

Makes the feet smile the entire day

We could wear the shoe all day without getting bothered by foot aches!

Nike Waffle Debut plush

Suitable for multiple activities

For someone who is always on the go, we thoroughly enjoyed the Nike Waffle Debut walking and even exercising. We found it to be an amazing athleisure shoe ready for both a coffee shop and a spontaneous badminton session. 

Summer ready colours

Nike Waffle Debut comes in neutral colorways that are great for summer. 

Let’s you be playful with your daily wardrobe

Appearing like a cross between the Waffle One and Waffle Trainer 2, this shoe won our likes with its clean and neutral aesthetic.

A grab-and-go type 

The shoe's easy on-and-off design makes it an excellent ‘by-the-door’ pair of shoes, which you can hurriedly slip on when heading for quick trips out. 


The oversized Swoosh that extends to the back as well as the exaggerated heel are the biggest attention-grabbing elements that make the shoe pop while you wear it.

The heel pull tab has an unusual design but it is still quite functional.

Nike Waffle Debut swoosh

Trendy without going pricey

We believe that this Nike sneaker is absolutely fantastic for the price. You could easily get multiple pairs in different colours.

Cheap but not sloppy

It’s cleanly wrapped in nylon and suede with stitches that aren’t haphazardly done. We found them to be quite solidly made.

The waffle pattern that extends up to form a toe bumper helps to prevent the suede from getting scuffed.

Nike Waffle Debut toe

Creates crease marks quickly

The nylon upper wrinkles up too soon. But we can easily forgive this issue given the shoe's extremely affordable price. 

Nike Waffle Debut crease

Very good grip

It was a pleasant surprise for us to find out that the shoe's thick waffle-like outsole has amazing traction on grass and concrete.