Who should buy the Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite Firm Ground

The seventh generation Tiempo Legend Elite FG made some small but notable changes to its predecessor to make an already tested line even better. This is the perfect option for you if:

  • You'd want to feel the high-quality kangaroo leather material of this pair that would give you the best fit and comfort during game plays.
  • You're looking for a pair that's equipped with technologies focused on giving you a shoe that's the right fit, and tightness, and movement.

Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite Firm Ground logo back

Improved outsole construction of Nike Tiempo Legend VII

Shedding off 60 grams from Tiempo Legend VI, this soccer cleat was designed to become more lightweight with the use of the Hyperstability soleplate.

Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite Firm Ground studs

Nike utilized a combination of Pebax and Nylon materials in the construction of the sole.

In addition to this, Nike also relied on Finite Element Analysis (FEA). This tool helps designers test which traction patterns are the most ideal for foot foundation as well as quickly configure features like the stud pattern.

Nike's impressive outsole structure

For this cleat, what they were able to create is an amalgamation of jagged conicals, chevrons, and blades. This combination is specifically designed to accommodate multi-directional movements. In partnership with the FEA system is the 3D printing technology.

Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite Firm Ground outsole back

Central lockdown of Tiempo Legend VII Elite

 A central lacing system similar to the Adidas Mundial Goal and the Adidas Samba Classic has been integrated into the shoe’s construction.

Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite Firm Ground lockdown

Tiempo Legend's premium upper setup

The Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite Firm Ground cleat features a premium Kangaroo leather upper. Known for its comfortable fit, this material molds into the shape of the user’s foot with little to no need for break-in time.

Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite Firm Ground upper

Superior upper technologies of Nike Tiempo Legend VII FG

The Flyknit material is utilized for the tongue as well as the midfoot area. This knitted material known for its comfort has been combined with Flywire cables for a sock-like fit. To further fit customization, the cables are fused with the central lacing system of the soccer cleat.

Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite Firm Ground midfoot

A first for this silo, the Fitmesh technology has been introduced into the Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite FG. Reactive to the pressure applied, it functions like a Chinese finger trap - it tightens its hold as more pressure is applied.

Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite Firm Ground upper

Purposely designed to act as a floating lining between the foot and leather - it gives the player an adequate feel for the upper while locking down the foot and, at the same time, prevent overstretching. It also serves as a liner to preserve the structure of the soccer cleat.

Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite Firm Ground heel

Lined with a synthetic suede material, the heel aids in foot lockdown. The internal heel area is also lined with pods for padding. The outer heel area was not left out as it is coated with a synthetic material, as well.

Facts / Specs

Top: Low
Surface: Firm Ground
Collection: Nike Tiempo, Nike Tiempo Legend
Lacing System: Laced
BRAND Brand: Nike
Colorways: Red / Black / Blue / White / Grey
SKUs: 897752008 / 897752414 / AH7238001 / AH7238070 / AH7238077 / AH7238080 / AH7238107 / AH7238118 / AH7238400 / AH7238408

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