Who should buy the Nike SuperRep Go 2

The SuperRep Go 2 is an eye-catching workout shoe that is most recommended for the following:

  • circuit-centric/HIIT exercises
  • casual lifting with moderate weights
  • athleisure and daily walks

It is also a rather budget-friendly shoe that offers good value for its price. In addition, its unique design can sparkle up your gym attire.

Nike SuperRep Go 2 best use

Who should NOT buy the trainer

This is not the type of shoe you would want for hardcore Crossfit sessions or heavy weightlifting. A perfect cross-trainer for that purpose is the Nike Metcon 7. And if you don’t mind considering other brands, trainers like Reebok Nano X1 or Under Armour TriBase Reign 3 are just as well-rated.

Nike SuperRep Go 2 branding

Nike SuperRep Go 2 vs. SuperRep Go: what got better?

The re-design of the SuperRep Go hasn’t been substantial but there are still a few updates that helped to improve the overall performance:

  • the new mesh upper offers more stretch across the forefoot
  • the collar and tongue are more cushioned for comfort
  • additional outer layer wrap around the heel for improved stability and foothold

Nike SuperRep Go 2 support

SuperRep is there for you, no matter how many reps you do

The SuperRep Go 2 is designed as a HIIT-oriented trainer and the reviewers are highly satisfied with its level of cushioning and support. They claim it to be very efficient for pretty much any bodyweight workout and circuit training.

The trainer is reported to give enough spring and a “nice level of bounce” for jumps and other explosive exercises.

They also find the wide platform very beneficial for stability. Some add that it is noticeably wider than on most Nike trainers. This setup helps them feel supported and grounded.

Nike SuperRep Go 2 stability

Although it is not recommended as a weightlifting shoe, some reviewers mentioned being able to lift up to 250 lbs (113.4 kg). With heavier loads, the sole starts to get “too compressed.”

However, there is absolutely no problem training with lighter weights and dumbbells.

This shoe will keep you happy outside the gym too

Here is how users describe their experience wearing the SuperRep Go 2 casually:

  • “comfortable enough to wear all day long”
  • “no issues wearing all day”
  • “helps to keep me going throughout the day”

Apart from being a solid “daily driver,” this Nike trainer is also considered a great option for athleisure and as casual activewear.

Nike SuperRep Go 2 cushioning

Good for running, just keep it light and short

The commenters find the SuperRep Go 2 to be cushioned and flexible enough to accommodate some treadmill sessions and light jogs. Anything up to 2 miles should not be a problem with this Nike shoe.

But do keep in mind that this is still NOT a dedicated running shoe. It lacks the necessary design features which could make it optimal for longer-distance running.

Nike SuperRep Go 2 side support

If you are in need of a Nike shoe for clocking up some daily miles or preparing for a marathon, check out the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 instead.

Looks bulky but feels light

This one is a bit of a paradox. The SuperRep Go 2 weighs 12 oz (340 grams) in a men’s size 10, which is almost 10% heavier than training shoes on average.

Nevertheless, most reviewers report that the shoe feels very light on the foot and never weighs you down.

Stylewise, Nike keeps bringing its A-game

The brand never ceases to surprise its fans with bold style experiments. The SuperRep Go 2 has made an impression on the buyers. The feedback ranges from “relatively good-looking” and “interesting shape” to “super attractive” and “showstopper.”

Some also took note of how the fusion of different material types creates a curious ensemble.

Nike SuperRep Go 2 design

The shoe is also offered in over five different colors, from the more neutral and austere ones to a bit more “crispy” hues.

On the downside, not everyone is a fan of the rounded bump at the forefoot, finding it a bit odd.

Nike SuperRep Go 2 style

Nike SuperRep Go 2 molds to your foot

Many reviewers have complimented the shoe’s snug fit which feels very supportive and reassuring throughout the workout. The in-shoe experience has also been described as “comfortable and consistent.” No internal foot sliding or heel slippage has been reported.

Nike SuperRep Go 2 snug fit

Some of the reviewers even mentioned wearing the trainer “for a full day out straight from the box with no issues.” No break-in was necessary.

Another Nike that doesn’t work for wide feet

Those with above-average foot dimensions complained that their toes felt cramped. Some weren’t even able to get the shoe on.

However, one Crossfit shoe expert recommended trying half a size up as a remedy for those whose feet aren’t too wide.

Nike SuperRep Go 2 looks

Plenty breathable

As a shoe designed for indoor workouts, the SuperRep Go 2 turned out to be “super breathable” thanks to its mesh material. Large pores help to maintain a nice level of ventilation to keep your feet cool enough in hot classes.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 340g
Use: HIIT, Crossfit, Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Narrow, Normal / Normal
Collection: Nike SuperRep
BRAND Brand: Nike
Toebox: Medium
Colorways: Black / White / Red

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