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The Nike SB Blazer Court is the classic Nike Blazer, embracing the skater lifestyle under Nike’s SB line. The SB Blazer Court stands out with its breathable and flexible canvas upper. Reinforcements in the high-wear areas and a great board feel also make it a solid choice for skaters, while the simple design turns it into a very versatile casual shoe.


  • Breathable
  • Flexible upper
  • Easy to style
  • Minimalist design
  • Made with vegan materials
  • Excellent traction
  • Little-to-no break-in
  • Great board feel
  • Very durable


  • Minimal cushioning
  • No padding inside

Who should buy the Nike SB Blazer Court Mid

The Nike SB Blazer Court Mid is great for:

  • skaters who want a lightweight pair of shoes with a great board feel
  • people looking for a canvas skate-inspired Nike sneaker for casual wear

Nike SB Blazer Court Mid who should buy

Who should not buy the sneaker

If you want more structure and thicker padding on your shoe, the Nike SB Blazer Mid might be for you. It also comes in more colorways.

For those looking for similar canvas alternatives but as a low-top sneaker, great alternatives are the Nike Retro GTS, and the Nike Legacy Court Canvas, which also come in mid-top options.  

Generally true to size

Going with your usual size is the best option. Should the fit not feel right initially, a skater stated that the canvas upper “really allows the shoe to mold to your foot.”

Nike SB Blazer Court Mid fit

Another reviewer said that the SB Blazer Court Mid is “thinner in key areas,” giving your foot more space to fit just right inside the shoe. They further added, “break in time was super quick!”

However, some wearers had trouble putting on the shoe. “You definitely need a shoehorn,” reports one of them. Another wearer complained that it hurt his pinky toe and recommended ordering a half size up due to some “abnormal narrowness across the toes.”

Not pillow-like 

While one sneakerhead described the SB Blazer Court Mid as being “pretty comfortable” for casual use, another person said that the sole provides “amazing board feel at the expense of impact protection”. The basic Nike insoles get the job done, but they definitely aren’t great or noteworthy.

Nike SB Blazer Court Mid cushioning

SB Blazer Court Mid: Take it to skate, or to lunch

As someone put it, the SB Blazer Court Mid is “something you can just throw on” for whatever outfit. For skaters, the traction and durability of this skate shoe make it perfect for skating.

Lightweight but tough 

Don’t let the thin canvas upper fool you - the Nike SB Blazer Court Mid has features that provide durability in high-wear areas. Skaters appreciated the rubber reinforcement under the canvas toe cap of the shoe, as well as the “ollie patch,” or the rubber layer lateral side of the shoe near the toe box that prevents the canvas from wearing out quickly when skating.

Nike SB Blazer Court Mid protection

One person was pleasantly surprised, saying the Blazer Court Mid “lasted longer than expected.”

Nike SB Blazer Court Mid traction

The outsole also impressed people, with a skater saying “I haven’t lost any traction” after skating for about a week and a half.

The SB Blazer Court keeps just the essentials

The Nike SB Blazer Court Mid has a “very minimalistic design”, with just enough flair, like the round metal eyelets to give you “classic tennis vibes”. The simple canvas upper also has no substantial padding. While some might find the lack of padding uncomfortable, it helps keep the weight of the shoe down.

Nike SB Blazer Court Mid collar

Flexible where you want it to be

The Nike SB Blazer Court Mid's soles are perfect for skaters, particularly those who want to skate with their sneakers fresh off the box. Specifically, the forefoot area is a little thinner than the rest of the sole, which adds a lot of flexibility. This design feature also greatly improves board feel.

Nike SB Blazer Court Mid midsole

No animal products used in Nike SB Blazer Court Mid

The SB Blazer Court Mid is a vegan sneaker, which means that the shoe is not made with animal products. “Being vegan is a big plus in my book”, mentioned one of the reviewers.