Profile of the Nike Roshe G Tour

The Roshe is one of the most iconic silhouettes that the brand has ever released. When it was launched in 2012 as a runner, there were no flashy campaigns, celebrity advertisements, and attention-grabbing press releases made. 

Surprisingly, the market welcomed the fact that the Roshe was able to expand to different niches like sneakers. Its simple look and affordable price points are seemingly the only qualities that made consumers happy. 

Diving into the golfing community placed a different kind of pressure on the casual shoe. The first one that was released was the Nike Roshe G, which carries all the qualities of its heritage, only sported with golf-specific features. Standing next in line is the Roshe G Tour. Though it bears a different look than the original, it continues to carry the simplistic style and cheap price tag.


The outsole of the Nike Roshe G Tour is outfitted with a blend of different innovations. Below are some of them.

Lucky Seven. The previous Roshe golf shoe utilized an Integration Traction pattern on its spikeless outsole. This piece, on the other hand, sets itself apart with its cleated bottom. A generous amount of seven spikes are placed throughout. Each is strategically-positioned to boost traction and stability that doesn't falter even with the fullest driver swing. 

Only the best for the champ. The Nike Roshe G Tour's spikes use one of the reputable brands that manufacture traction technologies. Applied at the bottom of this shoe are the Champ PiviX and the SLIM-Lok system. 

The cleats of the trainer are composed of spring flex legs, which recoil and return to their original state after pressure has been removed. The design allows a strong grip on the ground without damaging the greens. A visible "C" on each spike acts as a replacement indicator, which many will certainly find useful.


That reputable Lunarlon. Located in the middle of the outsole and upper is the time-tested cushioning system called Lunarlon. The technology was initially made to protect the foot from the consistent impact of running. It is described as bouncy, responsive, and gravity-defying. 

Its construction is quite unique as it is made of a high-density Phylon foam that is wrapped in a lightweight foam. This design results in a stable and supportive midsole that absorbs impact on every step.


Change is good. The Roshe G is clad with a signature mesh upper that promotes extreme breathability. For this tour-ready piece, some switches were made, alternating the fabric with synthetic leather.  

This material does not only give a different look to the shoe but it also brings in several benefits. One of which is that it is not only environmentally-friendly, but it is also durable and cheaper than real leather.

Armed against harsh weather. Aside from the hazards that are unique on every golf course, the weather is one of the things that golfers need to be wary of. The Nike Roshe G Tour ensures that the foot is well-protected because of its waterproofing feature. A one-year waterproofing warranty is also being offered for this model.

Nike Roshe G Tour Style

The Nike Roshe G Tour is part of a collection that was initially set to be released in time for the Masters. Though there were setbacks encountered for the release, the Swoosh retained that tour-ready aura. 

The synthetic leather upper has a lot to do with its elevated look. It is utilizing a monochromatic upper that adds to its sleekness and simplicity. The Nike logo on the side serves as the eye-catching accent as it breaks the monotony of the shoe.

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