Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase review

The Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase is not a perfect running shoe, but it is perfect for some folks. If you are a casual runner, looking to get 1-3 mile runs in a few days a week, the Nike Revolution 5 will certainly do the trick. These feel great and bouncy for shorter distances and have enough structure for support. 

Who should buy it

The Revolution 5 FlyEase is recommended for those who need a running shoe for casual runs. It is suitable for shoe distance runs, up to 3 miles.

Who should NOT buy it

The Revolution 5 FlyEase is not for you if you:

The Revolution 5 FlyEase is secure but NOT snug 

 The fit is right on for me. I felt comfortable immediately in these and appreciated the secure but not snug feel. The normal-sized toebox didn't cause me trouble due to the upper not being overly tight.


If you are looking for a great secure shoe that aids in stability and speed, you might want to spend a little more money and get the Nike Pegasus 38.

High comfort for a cheap price 

What a great bouncy feel the Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase has. It puts a "pep" to my step during my shorter runs when I focus on recovery. The entry level midsole sure as heck feels like a higher end model. The great mix of plushness and bounce fulfilled my recovery day wish.

The fun doesn't last forever though, as you get upwards of 5 miles, the good feeling starts to subside and you begin to notice the flaws of the Revolution 5.


I didn't notice any problem area with the shoe. My only note is the lack of toe box space would cause some trouble for the long haul.

The lacing system of FlyEase works

It keeps it all locked down and doesn't do it in an extreme way. Felt comfortable for sure with this obscure lacing system. 

The heel-toe drop is high at 10mm and I surely noticed it. I didn't hate it though. It helped with the propulsion of movement but my expert knowledge tells me, running with this high of a heel drop for a long period is bad news for injury prevention.

Springy ride for less 

The Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase surprised me. It had a more premium ride feel. The midsole felt springy and poppy which aided with counterbalancing the weight of the shoe. It felt great for recovery runs when I felt sluggish.  


Strap and go with the Revolution 5 FlyEase

Due to the relatively high flexibility of the shoe, it allowed me to feel comfortable to jump in right away with no problem. 


Hefty weight, light feel 

The Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase comes in at 12oz which is pretty dang HEAVY! The good news though is the stable spring feel aids with countering the extreme weight. The pleasantry only lasts 3-4 miles though. After that, things get heavy and unenjoyable. This shouldn't discourage most runners though. For the average runner, you won't be doing much more than 3-4 anyway.

50 miles and all is good

Based on my professional opinion, these should last as long as the upper holds up. The midsole seems solid but the upper is a little suspicious to me. It's pretty thin and the FlyEase system can't be as reliable as lacing long-term. I have 50+ miles on them and all is good. I would imagine them being in line with most budget trainers in life expectancy. About 250 miles, and that's plenty!

Gripping the road

The Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase went the route of a full rubber outsole. This increased weight significantly but you can be sure, the durability is there.  I felt nice and secure on road and mild crushed stone trails. 


Easy runs only in the Revolution 5 FlyEase

The Revolution 5 FlyEase is a daily trainer, nothing else. The weight and lack of upper lockdown do not complement long or fast runs. As long as you stick to 5 miles or less at a ready pace, these shoes will do the trick! I felt good at 8:15-8:30 per mile in these.

Breathe easy

In the summers in PA, I am running in 90+ degree weather. I never had any issues with breathability in these Nikes. The upper is very lightweight with no frills. It leads to reduced security but isn't hindered by excessive cushioning that may limit breathability.

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: 340g
Arch support: Neutral
Base model: Nike Revolution 5
Collection: Nike Revolution, Nike FlyEase
Pronation: Neutral Pronation / Supination / Underpronation
Arch type: High arch

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