Who should buy the Nike React Tiempo Legend 9 Pro Turf

This turf-ready offering from Nike is likely to make your feet happy on the field if:

  • you prefer lightweight soccer cleats
  • you have wide feet
  • you want to experience the Nike React spring effect in a soccer cleat

Nike React Tiempo Legend 9 Pro TF who should buy

Who should NOT buy the cleat

While this shoe can provide impact protection, there are other better options for cushioning lovers out there. Good examples are the Phantom GT cleats

Reliable treading

The traction capacity of this soccer cleat received quite a lot of praise from the testers. They were impressed with the grip. "I never had to worry about traction," says an expert reviewer.

Nike React Tiempo Legend 9 Pro TF grip

Perfect blend of response and impact protection

The React midsole of the Tiempo Legend 9 Turf is firm enough to ensure responsiveness and plush enough to deliver comfort. This foam is also used on Nike's high-performance running shoes.

Nike React Tiempo Legend 9 Pro TF cushioning

Impressive touch of the ball

The upper is covered with tiny embossings that enhance friction with the ball upon contact, making passes and dribbles a lot easier to do. As one player puts it, "touching a ball has never felt so nice — seriously."

An expert also points out that the shoe creates a consistent sensation no matter if the ball touches the outer or the inner side of the foot.

Nike React Tiempo Legend 9 Pro TF ball touch

No break-in needed

The Tiempo Legend 9 Turf is comfortable straight out of the box. In addition, the majority of players describe it as true to size and report feeling no pain or hot spots.

Nike React Tiempo Legend 9 Pro TF fit

The Tiempo Legend 9 Turf is glove-like and light

This soccer cleat is made of light leather and has a snug fit. This results in a streamlined form when worn, keeping the wearer free from distractions.

Some of the reviewers were pleasantly surprised at how light it feels for a leather boot.

At the same time, the overall fit and lacing are very effective in keeping the foot securely in place.

Nike React Tiempo Legend 9 Pro TF comfortable

Durability concerns

There are worries that this shoe will succumb to the pressures of the game earlier than expected. More than a few reviewers complained that the sole started separating from the shoe - "a sizable gap splitting across one sole."

For some of them, it happened after only a week of use. The shoe "became unplayable after maybe 10% of the use," complains a wearer.

This must be because of how clumsily some pairs are put together.

Nike React Tiempo Legend 9 Pro TF durability

Color schemes deserve attention

The variety of vivid color options attracted a lot of people to this shoe.

Nike React Tiempo Legend 9 Pro TF colors

Facts / Specs

Top: Low
Surface: Turf
Collection: Nike Tiempo, Nike Tiempo Legend, Nike React
Lacing System: Laced
BRAND Brand: Nike
Release date: Jul 2021
Colorways: White / Black / Blue / Grey / Purple / Orange

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