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6 reasons to buy

  • Nike’s decision to use Flyknit on the upper might have worked because many wearers commented that the Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit really feels comfortable. This is why users are a llittle disappointed that Nike did not implement Flyknit on the tenth-anniversary model of the Nike Hyperdunk line.
  • The majority of reviewers express their willingness to recommend this product to friends and family who also love to play basketball.
  • Some reviewers say that the React technology used on these Nike basketball shoes provides the expected level of responsiveness and cushioning, saving the wearer time and a lot of energy.
  • A good number of wearers give this shoe model high overall satisfaction scores.
  • Some reviewers just love how this high-top basketball shoe looks, saying that it boosts their confidence on and off the court.
  • A lot of wearers just love the traction of this model from Nike. It is as good as Chris Paul’s 11th signature shoe.

2 reasons not to buy

  • There were a few reviewers who mention that the Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit needs time to break in.
  • Some buyers feel that this shoe is a bit too expensive. 

Bottom line

The Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit is definitely not one of the cheapest basketball shoes on the shelves today, but the price is easily justified by the goodness that it brings. Some wearers notice that this model provides just the right amount of responsiveness, enhancing their running efficiency and their overall performance in the game.

The Flyknit technology used on the upper is said to provide high levels of comfort. When it comes to style, this shoe does not fall short because there are buyers who love how this React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit looks on their feet.

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The Off-White X Nike Hyperdunk 2017 is definitely a shoe worth your money. Aside from the hype and the style that it brings to your daily outfit, the shoe delivers great performance on the court, too.


To start, the Off-White X Nike Hyperdunk is really noisy on the floor. Though noisy screeches from these basketball shoes are not necessarily equivalent to great traction, the shoe delivers consistent bite every time, allowing me to perform a successful stop.



I usually play on slightly dusty courts, and even without wiping the outsole clean after a number of games played, they are still able to provide a strong grip on the floor. The circular pattern on the outsole also helps cover multiple directions, which is a plus when you're a player who uses techniques which rely heavily on footwork or quick stops.



The outsole on the Off-White X Nike Hyperdunk is translucent, which I usually prefer over solid white-colored ones; these translucent ones, based on my experience, are more durable and effective. The black Nike Hyperdunk FK 2017 with a solid white outsole, for example, required me to consistently wipe the outsole to get the same grip. That’s a little more effort you spend to keep your shoes biting on the court.


The Nike React cushioning technology is featured in this version of the Nike Hyperdunk, while its predecessors utilized Zoom. The cushioning did feel a bit stiff at first, but after a few games, I could feel occasional bounces on my steps and take-offs.



I would say this type of cushioning could be compared to your "guardian angel". You can't see or feel it that much but it's there to help you. That's what I got from this React cushioning setup.

My playstyle is a bit dynamic and athletic, and I love going up high for a rebound or a potential block on the opponent's layup. This requires me to be equipped with a shoe that provides great impact protection whenever I land, and the Nike Hyperdunk does the job well. In my experience, I didn't feel any aches or pains on the shin area (where I usually feel pain after jumping too much), after playing in the shoes.

High-flyers, "boardmen", and big men would definitely appreciate this cushioning setup.


Virgil Abloh really reconstructed the Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit well, as his creation not only works for fashion but also for on-court battles. I really like the Nike Flyknit setup on the Hyperdunk as the tech is built for breathability without sacrificing strength in holding up your feet.



The original Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit features a full flyknit upper; in this Off-White edition of the shoe, the toe area and the back part of the Flyknit are covered by a thin layer of engineered mesh. I do not consider this as a hindrance but a great help to strengthen the flyknit setup on these areas. 


The Off-White X Nike Hyperdunk 2017 fits true to size and this would work for wide footers, compared to the engineered mesh setup (a cheaper alternative of the Flyknit setup) which I would recommend wide footers to go a half size up.



Lockdown is ensured in this flyknit setup, with the laces just providing the right amount of help to keep your feet in place. Abloh also added a plastic velcro strap system to the shoe, which is not present in the original version of the Hyperdunk. Why I like this addition to the design is that the strap does not interfere with the performance of the shoe, instead, it even improves the lockdown the shoe already delivers.


In the engineered mesh version of the Nike Hyperdunk 2017, an external heel counter was present. This was absent on the Flyknit version. What the Flyknit setup has in lieu of the external heel counter is an internal cushion counter that cuddles the heel.



The cushion is not too soft, with just the right amount of stiffness to support your heel without straining it while you play. The add-on thin layer of engineered mesh on the back part plays in here as it also contributes to the strength of support the shoe provides.

It is also worthy to note the support provided by the midsoles and outsoles of the shoes. The rounded outriggers may look weird for some, but these are actually effective in keeping your feet safe from accidental rolls. These also offer a wide platform for stability without affecting your movement on the court.

Overall + Score (92/100)

The Off-White X Nike Hyperdunk 2017 is definitely a shoe worth your money. Aside from the hype and the style it brings to your daily outfit, the shoe delivers great performance on the court too.



The traction, materials, and support make these basketball shoes from Nike a potential favorite. Of all the features, I would say the cushioning still has a lot of room for improvement. Though I believe it does work for impact protection, I would want to feel a bit more bounce from the cushion setup; the kind of bounce that lets you know there's actually a cushion system under your feet.

Overall, with a score of 92, I would recommend the shoe. Getting it at retail price or close would be a great deal, as prices for all Off-White collaborations with Nike have soared since their releases.

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I am a basketball fanatic born and raised in a sports-loving family. I have been playing basketball since grade school with Dwyane Wade being one of my earliest basketball idols. I became a team captain for a year back in college and currently participates in basketball leagues with my brothers. I am always on the lookout for great performing basketball shoes that could be the next pairs I could wear and play with on the court.

Good to know

With nine years of history behind it, the 2017 version of the Hyperdunk debuted on the feet of Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green in June. This release from the Hyperdunk line features the newly developed React technology that provides a springy response to even moderate amounts of energy inputs.

To provide high levels of comfort, the upper uses the Flyknit technology that is said to hug the foot like a sock. Stability and safety is ensured  by the shoe model’s use of a well-thought-of traction pattern that maps and supports the foot’s major pressure points.

Responsiveness. The Nike React technology is among the most recent foam innovations from the company, and the Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit is among the very first shoes to use it. Its creators envisioned it to be both light and durable, which, by the way, are descriptions that usually can’t be used together to describe foam. The technology went through 2000 hours of basketball testing, which only proved the technology’s ability to provide a stable, springy, and sustainable response.

Traction. The outsole of the Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit has a traction pattern that is based on data collected and analyzed in Nike’s research labs. This traction pattern maps and supports the foot’s pressure points, ensuring a much more efficient and stable ride for the wearer.

Length and Width. The Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit comes in the standard width, so many reviewers believe that there shouldn't be any problem with fit. 

Lockdown. As if the sock-like fit of the Flyknit is not enough, this shoe also has a lacing system that wearers can use to adjust to the desired snugness. There are also Flywire cables that are integrated into the design of the shoe to provide a more secure hold.

Debuting in 2012, the Flyknit is the fruit of an ambitious effort to achieve durability and sock-like comfort. Nike’s engineers and programmers took four years to perfect the technology. This technology’s inclusion in the design of the Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit makes possible a lightweight and comfortable pair of kicks that can withstand the harsh beatings on the court.

The high-top design of  the Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit provides high levels of ankle support, making it an ideal partner for jumpings and landings. It features a largely monochromatic colorway that is easy to the eye. The sock-like fit of the Flyknit upper gives the shoe a neat silhouette. As a prominent reminder of the quality that it offers, the shoe sports an embroidered Swoosh on its lateral side.

The Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit is available in tonal hues.

  • Black/Chrome
  • Cargo Khaki/Cargo Khaki ‘Cargo Khaki’
  • Cool Grey/Black ‘Cool Grey’
  • Multi/Blue/Black ‘Royal Blue’
  • Multi-Color/Multi-Color-Black ‘Multicolor’
  • Sail/Chrome
  • University Red/Reflective Silver
  • White/Chrome

Off-White X Nike ‘The Ten’ Collection

Split into two packs called ‘Revealing’ and ‘Ghosting,’ the Nike X Off-White ‘The Ten’ Collection includes ten silhouettes that have made a huge impact in both sports and fashion. According to Off-White founder Virgil Abloh, “It’s larger than design culture. These 10 shoes have broken barriers in performance and style. To me, they are on the same level as a sculpture of David or the Mona. You can debate it all you want, but they mean something. And that’s what’s important.”

Part of the ‘Ghosting’ pack, the Virgil Abloh X Nike React Hyperdunk features a translucent upper. “Abloh was inspired by the cutting-edge cushioning innovations of Breaking2’s Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite running shoe and basketball’s React Hyperdunk 2017, and decided to introduce an evolution of the reveal called “GHOSTING” using translucent uppers,” Nike said.


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