Who should buy the Nike Premier II Firm Ground

Despite the similarities with the original Premier, the second version of the Premier made some updates to its construction that not only offer aesthetic value but functionality, as well. One very recognizable update is the new flap tongue that showcases the swoosh and gives the cleat a more iconic feel. You're gonna grab this pair if:

  • You're a Premier I wearer, and would love an updated version of the model.
  • You're a classic style lover, and this model definitely hits the target.

Nike Premier II Firm Ground logo

Impressive outsole of Nike Premier II

The Premier II Firm Ground utilizes a light TPU outsole that provides comfort and flexibility. The sole allows the feet to stay close to the ground to facilitate better turns and twists.

Nike Premier II Firm Ground studs

With the sole's innate flexibility, the cleat gains stability and a springy fit that allows an optimum launch.

Nike Premier II Firm Ground outsole

The outsole has a molded conical firm ground studs that provide targeted traction for natural grass surfaces.

Nike Premier II Firm Ground outsole heel

Nike Premier II Firm Ground's high-grade construction

The front upper of the Premier II Firm Ground is made from very soft and flexible kangaroo leather while high-quality leather lines the rest. These two types of leather adapt to the foot perfectly, ensuring a high level of comfort. The leather upper also allows for a close, cushioned touch on the ball and a superior feel and control.

Nike Premier II Firm Ground upper

The cleat entrance also offers an anatomical fit that supports the ankle well. Moreover, the heel cap with a suede material offers added comfort.

Nike Premier II Firm Ground heel

A key update of the cleat is the small flap tongue over the top of the laces. A Velcro is added underneath the flap to help keep it locked down during games. This update is more of an aesthetic than a functional one.

Nike Premier II Firm Ground tongue

Facts / Specs

Top: Low
Surface: Firm Ground
Collection: Nike Premier
Lacing System: Laced
BRAND Brand: Nike
Colorways: Black / Blue / Grey / Purple / Red / Orange / White
SKUs: 917803001 / 917803010 / 917803013 / 917803016 / 917803017 / 917803018 / 917803040 / 917803161 / 917803616 / 917803690

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