Who should buy the Nike Precision 5

You are going to be happy with the Precision 5 if you are one of the following:

  • a buyer on a budget who wants an affordable shoe that performs well
  • a guard who loves a good court feel
  • a hooper who mostly plays indoors

Nike Precision 5 swoosh

Who should NOT buy this basketball shoe

It seems like the Nike Precision 5 is a shoe for guards, so big men aren't expected to enjoy wearing it. They are better off getting big men's shoes like the Nike LeBron 19 and the other options from LBJ's numerous lines with Nike.

This shoe is not for outdoor hoopers, either. Consider the Nike Kyrie 7 if you tend to play outdoors.

The Precision 5 delivers support without being heavy

The materials that make up the upper provide nice feedback without adding too much weight; in fact, the shoe still feels pretty minimal. One of the expert reviewers went as far as calling it "by far the lightest pair of basketball shoes [he's] ever worn." Another one agreed that it is "extremely light" and "feels like an extension of your foot," allowing you to feel much quicker on your feet.

Nike Precision 5 precision 5 support

And yet, the precision 5 manages to provide a solid lockdown with the following:

  • a "firm and solid" heel counter
  • an outrigger that creates a wide forefoot
  • a piece of midsole foam that comes up on the outer side and doesn't let the foot roll over.

This basketball shoe is true to size

The Nike Precision 5 fits as expected; there is no need to make any size adjustments. Unless you have a really wide foot. In that case, going up half a size or even a full size up might be necessary.

Nike Precision 5 precision 5 fit

The reviewers describe this basketball shoe as snug from heel to toe. However, an experienced shoe reviewer notes that it's "not as tight as KD 13 or Kyrie 7."

It doesn't cause any pinching either and with its wide flat laces, you "won’t feel any cutting pressure," even if you like to lace your shoes super tight.

Court feel and speed are what this shoe is about

Based on the general users' feedback, the sculpted Phylon midsole delivers a good amount of bounce without sacrificing the court feel. Guards are going to appreciate the responsiveness that this provides.

Nike Precision 5 precision 5 zoomed in cushion

The reviewers describe it as low to the ground and very responsive. So, if you are after impact protection, "this isn't the way to go," as one expert claims. The shoe's cushioning is "not a brick" but you shouldn't expect a lot from it either. But for the price point, The Precision 5 is impressive. Many players agree that it doesn't feel budget at all.

Amazing traction on clean courts

Just like many highly-ranked basketball shoes, the outsole is equipped with a good old herringbone for optimum control. Actually, traction has become the highlight of the shoe for many playtesters. They refer to it as:

  • “very solid bite, very consistent,” even on an outdoor court
  • “you’re gonna be able to stop on a dime” on clean courts
  • “they really killed it with the traction"

An expert also called it "one of the loudest squeaks," as an indication of a high level of grip.

Nike Precision 5 precision 5 zoomed in sole

However, the shoe still needs to be wiped when used on dusty courts as the dirt tends to build up.

The Nike Precision 5 isn't expensive

The Nike Precision 5 is easily among the cheapest basketball shoes in the market. And yet, basketball players could praise it enough for being a real value for money and “a banger of a shoe.”

As one reviewer puts it, it is a cheap shoe that you can “beat up but that also performs really well.” Another even calls it "phenomenal" for what it has to offer at $70.

Outdoor use? Maybe not

Most reviewers do not expect Precision 5 to last long when it is used for outdoor hooping. However, they agree that it maintains pretty good traction for some time. Just don't expect durability with prolonged use.

Nike Precision 5 precision 5 outdoor

Upper material is a nice surprise

The textile quality on the upper impressed more than a few players. It is super thin and soft. Also, "cozy, kind of like a knit," according to a reviewer.

Nike Precision 5 precision 5 not buy

A fused overlay on the big toe does its job when it comes to toe drags.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 282g
Top: Low
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Collection: Nike Precision
Colorways: Grey / Black / White
SKUs: CW3403001 / CW3403002 / CW3403003 / CW3403004 / CW3403006 / CW3403007 / CW3403100 / CW3403101

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