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  • The level of comfort provided by the Nike Phantom Vision Elite Dynamic Fit AG-Pro soccer cleat is highly praised by the majority of its patrons.
  • Several reported that the pair fits great. One reviewer even pointed out that the Quadfit upper material hugs the player’s foot in all the right places.
  • Flyknit technology is one other innovation that has been highly praised when used not just on soccer cleats but also on running shoes, as well.
  • The Ghost lacing system, which is a Nike innovation, enhanced this artificial grass soccer shoes utility in terms of providing a bigger strike zone as well as better ball control. Aside from this, the technology also enhanced the Nike PhantomVSN Elite Dynamic Fit AG-Pro’s overall aesthetic.
  • One customer says that this Nike soccer cleat model delivers an extremely secure foot lockdown.
  • Adding to foot overall support is this shoe model’s Dynamic fit collar which extends up to the ankle area. Not only does the material allow for a supportive feel, but the element is also designed to be breathable.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of customers found the pair to be hard to put on because of the ghost lacing system.
  • Several mentioned durability issues, saying that their soccer cleats fell apart after a number of uses.

Bottom line

The  Nike Phantom Vision Elite DF AG-PRO cleats are praised for their fit and comfort brought about by Nike's innovative ghost lacing system. This technology hits both utilitarian and aesthetic purposes. It not only affords a larger strike zone for ball control and touch, but it also brings a streamlined look. This model, which shares the collared look of the Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Elite FG and the Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 Elite CR7 FG, is surely one that is worth putting on your short list.

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Good to know

  • This Nike Phantom Vision Elite Dynamic Fit AG-PRO is one technologically advanced soccer cleat. The upper of this soccer cleat uses a combination of materials that bring good fit and enhanced ball touch.
  • Majority of the materials used for the upper is the Quadfit Mesh technology which wraps around the wearer’s foot without constricting it too much. The material is designed to adapt to the player’s foot shape, as well. Additionally, softness is still a key characteristic of this material.
  • The Dynamic Fit collar is also part of this soccer cleat’s construction. This feature extends to the ankle area allowing for a more secure fit. As it is a knit-based material, it is unsurprisingly comfortable and breathable.
  • The Swoosh’s Ghost Lace technology is also included in the shoe’s construction. Concealed by a Flyknit material, this type of lacing system allows for more ball control as it provides a bigger strike zone. Easier adjustability is allowed through a quick-pull mechanism in the shoe’s lacing system.
  • The stud configuration is engineered to provide optimal traction on artificial grass courts. The stud pattern includes a total of fifteen circular studs scattered in the forefoot and heel area.

The Nike Phantom Vision Elite Dynamic Fit AG-PRO soccer cleat wraps around the player’s foot creating a snug fit through the combination of a Quadfit and Flyknit upper. Reinforcing the fit is also a Ghost lace system which is designed to bring easy adjustability. The shoe is available in men’s standard sizes ranging from sizes 6 to 13.  Women who would like to get this soccer cleat can choose from sizes 7.5 to 14.

The Nike Phantom Vision Elite Dynamic Fit AG-PRO soccer cleat is constructed with the Quadfit mesh material which is a new innovation from the swoosh. This innovation is engineered to shape to the wearer’s foot while retaining its shape. The material is also designed to hinder overstretching. While wrapping around the player’s foot, it gives enough room without excessively compressing the foot. Micro-texturing is also incorporated into the shoe for a more controlled ball touch.

Another technology found in this pair is the brand’s Ghost lace system. This setup allows the player a better striking area as the laces are essentially hidden under the outer layer of a Flyknit upper. A web-lacing system allows for adjustability through a quick-pull mechanism.

Furthermore, the covering the lacing system is a Flyknit material which allows for stretchability and breathability for the material. Reinforcing a comfortable feel for the shoe, the Dynamic Fit Collar is integrated into the shoe’s design. This allows for a more comfortable feel for the shoe, extending up to the ankle area.

The outsole of this soccer cleat model is created with an AG-Pro plate which allows for traction while minimizing heat. The stud configuration includes a total of fifteen circular studs. Four studs are placed in the heel area while eleven studs are incorporated into the forefoot area. This stud pattern is designed to optimize traction on artificial grass surfaces.

  • The Nike Phantom VSN Elite Dynamic Fit AG-PRO soccer cleat is available several colorways including:

All black

Bright Crimson/ University Red/ Gym Red/ Metallic Silver

Black/ Metallic Vivid Gold


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