Who should buy the Nike Phantom GT Academy MG

The Nike Phantom GT Academy is going to be perfect for those who prefer speed cleat constructions. This soccer cleat is indeed light, pretty minimal on feet, and quite streamlined in appearance and construction.

Nike Phantom GT Academy MG Buy

Those who want a cheaper alternative to the more expensive Pro and Elite versions will appreciate this shoe. While the material quality is indeed inferior, performance definitely isn't. 

Who should NOT buy the Phantom GT Academy MG from Nike

People who fit the following must keep their hands off the Phantom GT Academy MG:

  • Wide-footers. Because of its snug fit, the shoe suits players with slightly narrow to normal feet. Wide-footers can still get this, but they should make size adjustments: at least half a size up.
  • Those particular about material quality. When you compare it with the Elite and even the Pro, it's clear that the Academy really is made of less refined materials. Those who want the expensive look should stick to the pricier versions. If money is an issue, they can wait it out until there are price cuts. 

Nike Phantom GT Academy MG Not buy

The Phantom GT Academy MG boasts a clear strike area

Strikes are crucial, so Nike keeps the strike area clear of distractions: the Academy and the rest of the Phantom GT variants have an off-center lacing system. This also make these soccer cleats look sleek on the pitch.

Nike Phantom GT Academy MG off-center 

Soft materials, comfortable fit

This soccer cleat is a little lighter than the Pro and Elite versions, and these variants already feel very minimal on foot. The upper materials, too, are noteworthy.  Players say that the Academy version is among the most comfortable cheap soccer cleats that they have ever worn.

Nike Phantom GT Academy MG comfortable upper

Enhanced upper texture for ball handling

The upper features Generative Texturing, the technology where this soccer cleat gets its name. It's basically tiny embossed lines strewn all over the shoe, enhancing the upper's grip on the ball.

Nike Phantom GT Academy MG generative texturing

The Nike Phantom GT Academy MG had a versatile grip

The stud configuration on the sole plate is meant to adapt to different surfaces, under different weather conditions. At its price point, the traction of the Nike Phantom GT Academy is already very good and dependable.

Nike Phantom GT Academy MG traction

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 203g
Top: Low
Surface: Multi Ground
Collection: Nike Phantom, Nike Phantom Gt
Lacing System: Laced
BRAND Brand: Nike
Release date: Aug 2020

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Akshay Kumar Malhotra
Akshay Kumar Malhotra

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