Who should buy the Nike Offline Pack 

Include this into your fall or spring wardrobe if you’re after:

  • comfy kicks with platform soles
  • slipper-like comfort for indoor and outdoor use
  • sneakers at $120 or less

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Who should NOT buy it

If you prefer an unconventional style of sneakers that will snuggly embrace your feet and is lightweight, check out the Adidas Yeezy 450 and the Yeezy 700 v3. Try the Nike ACG Mountain Fly Gore-Tex if you want a lifestyle shoe to keep your feet dry under rain or snow. If you like the concept of a glove-like fit and the Offline Pack is too edgy, hover over these sock sneakers.  

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Spacious toe box

Nike Offline Pack has a rounded toe. According to those who bought this sneaker, “it looks bulky from outside.” Those with skinny and narrow feet went for true to size as the toe area “feels roomy.” Broad-footed reviewers took a half size up for a roomier toe box. Whether they have narrow or wide feet, the extra toe space allows them to wear thick socks.

Nike Offline Pack toespace

No heel slips

The back section has a stretchy neoprene material. Inside, it has an extra layer of padding, which keeps their heels in place, according to the reviewers.

Nike Offline Pack heel

It feels like a sleeping bag for the feet

Unlike in the Offline slipper, the entire upper of this lifestyle shoe is wrapped with what testers describe as “a soft puffer-jacket-like material,” “down jacket,” or “a pillow textile.” As they have mentioned, the cover can be fully crunched down to appear like a flat sandal. To sum it up, they say it’s very comfortable.

Got "bubbles" that massage the feet 

One of the exciting features of this shoe is the two sets of chunky insoles that come with it. The insoles aren’t the foam type typically found in Nike sneaks with Lunarlon but "uniquely designed with bubble-like dots," similar to the nubs found in reflexology insoles.

Nike Offline Pack pink

The surface patterns are different on both inserts, as one pair has a tighter nub layout. As shared by vloggers, the insoles “aren’t cushy” but “massage the feet gently” and offer an "outstanding level of comfort.”  

Nike Offline Pack green insole

Getting your most comfy fit is so easy

Wear testers who love its layout say it got a "pretty unique lacing system." According to them, it's so easy to adjust.

Nike Offline Pack lacing

Don’t expect the Offline Pack to be thickly padded 

Although the cover appears "like a North Face insulated jacket," as some reviewers put it, the foam wall isn’t too thick. They noted the padding isn’t as much as expected. Even the tongue is small and isn’t generously lined with foam.

Nike Offline Pack padding

It isn’t light either

The thick midsole puts a lot of weight on the actual shoe. It significantly feels heavy, almost like a high-top shoe

Nike Offline Pack sole

Insulated but can get your feet drenched under the rain

Those who have tried this sneaker during the chilly months appreciate how cozy it feels. As noted in their reviews, the quilted interior design offers a "blanket effect," keeping their feet warm and comfy. Though it's for a fact not suitable for summer, sneaker users hinted that “it is a gamble to wear the Offline Pack under the rain and blizzard.” 

Nike Offline Pack porous

If you’re OC, you’ll spot the minor flaw

As assessed by those who left reviews, the Offline Pack's quality isn't bad given its $110 price. But some testers noticed visible glue stains throughout the upper. They admitted that the craftsmanship "isn't horrible," but they say if you are nitpicky, the minor flaw might bother you. 

It won’t break apart too soon

Sneaker lovers who have tried the Foam RUNNR say this kick "holds its shape longer." Also putting a lot of life into the shoe is the rubberized toe bumper. 

Grippy but not on thick snow

It doesn't have deep lugs like several autumn-ready sneakers. But for a highly flat shoe, Nike Offline Pack "got decent traction." however, it isn't ideal to use on snow-covered surfaces.

Nike Offline Pack outsole

Simple, bulky, offbeat in an exciting way

Sneaker reviewers consider the overall design polarizing. While they appreciate the use of subdued colors and simple design, they find the extra chunky build as "wild," "funky," and "looking like a clown shoe." One of the buyers jokingly mentioned that the shape of the Offline Pack goes well with baggy clothes like spacesuits. 

It pops in dim and dark places

Its loop-style eyelets and heel pull tab have reflective detailing.

Nike Offline Pack reflective details

Nike Offline Pack belongs to the N.354 family

Offline Pack falls under Nike's N.354 wing. Nike formulated this product line in 2019 that pushes the boundary of lifestyle sneaker design by coming up with unapologetic concepts. Most of the shoes under this umbrella appear futuristic, deconstructed, non-traditional, and edgy. Another example of this is the Nike Air Force 1 Experimental.

Nike Offline Pack contemporary

Nike Offline Pack's aesthetic is inspired by the look of puffer jackets. Apart from having a unique lacing system, it also has interchangeable inserts with different patterns depending on what you want to feel on the bottom of your foot. 

Nike Offline Pack modern

It was created during the COVID-19 pandemic when many people were at home. Its simple blanket-like structure and laid-back style promote positive well-being and good mental health. The first release was like a slipper in a mule format. 

Facts / Specs

Style: Platform
Top: Low
Inspired from: Other
Collection: Nike N354
Closure: Laces
Material: Neoprene, Rubber Sole
Season: Fall, Spring

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