Who should buy the Nike Metcon 3

Consider the Metcon 3 if you:

  • prefer stiffer shoes for doing lots of lifting exercises
  • want to get a discounted iteration of the flagship Nike Metcon cross-training series; you can expect a high level of stability and durability that the lineup is known for

Nike Metcon 3 logo

Who should NOT buy the cross-trainer

If you want a Nike trainer which is more on the cushioned and flexible side, check out the Nike Free Metcon 4. This shoe works best for more agile workouts, which are less about lifting and more about jumps and runs. And if you’d like to experience the more advanced version of the Metcon series, we also recommend the Nike Metcon 7.

For HIIT workouts, you may want something more cushy and springy, like the Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge.

And if you are after a shoe that can double for both gym and casual wear, look towards Reebok Nano X1.

Nike Metcon 3 best use

Nike Metcon 3 vs. Metcon 2: what’s the update?

While its design is very reminiscent of its predecessor, the Metcon 2, the 3rd iteration has a few positive updates:

  • a smoother and less aggressive look
  • feels less like a rigid shoe
  • reinforced to be more durable and supportive

Nike Metcon 3 updates

One of the most stable cross-trainers for lifting

With its flat and wide base combined with the low-to-the-ground foot positioning, the Metcon 3 helps you feel stable and surefooted.

Coming from reviewers who lifted loads over 300 lbs in the shoe, this cross-trainer really makes a difference.

Nike Metcon 3 stability

Metcon 3 can do some jumping and running too

A thin drop-in midsole in the Metcon 3 is designed to be firm in the heel and more flexible in the forefoot. This makes it steady for lifting but leaves some maneuverability for exercises including planks, burpees, box jumps, Stairmaster, short treadmill runs, shadow boxing, and more.

Nike Metcon 3 flexibility

If you intend to use the Metcon 3 for running, do keep in mind that it's going to feel much clunkier and heavier compared to a dedicated running shoe. Thus, it is not recommended for runs over 2 miles or to those who tend to land on their heels when running (heel strikers).

A shoe that won’t fall apart that easily

“Fantastic quality,” “well-constructed” - this is some of the common feedback from the Metcon 3 reviewers. There haven’t been any major complaints about the shoe’s durability. It is a cross-trainer that’s built to last.

Grips “seriously well”

The reviewers are satisfied with the level of traction offered by the Nike Metcon 3. With its intricate triangular pattern and grippy rubber itself, the shoe makes you feel safe all throughout the training session.

The outsole rubber extends high up on both sides of the trainer. These sidewalls also help in “biting” the rope as you do some rope climbing.

Nike Metcon 3 outsole

Nike Metcon 3 fits like a glove

The Metcon 3 uses a form-fitting mesh material in its upper. It is said to keep the foot securely wrapped. The additional overlays on top of the mesh also contribute to the overall support.

Another fit-regulating feature is the connection between the lacing system and the Flywire cables. Once you cinch the laces, the Flywires get tight as well, further caging the foot.

Nike Metcon 3 fit

Unfortunately, the heel still slips out

More than a few athletes have complained about the heel counter sitting too low down the ankle. They say that slipping becomes most troublesome during runs and jumps, where you have to flex the foot a lot.

Nike Metcon 3 heel slip

The shoe breathes just fine

The mesh upper delivers a good level of ventilation, even for those who exercise in a hot climate.

Nike Metcon 3 mesh

A Nike trainer is ought to be good-looking

A large number of buyers note that the Nike Metcons, Metcon 3 included, are “still some of the best-looking shoes around.” They are also happy with the selection of available color combinations.

Nike Metcon 3 style

Sole squeaking can be a nuisance

Some reviewers warn that after a few weeks of use, the trainer starts to develop a bit of a squeak. Apparently, it occurs from the rubbing of the income against the rubber sole.

If this is a deal-breaker for you, we recommend having a look at the more recent versions of the series, like the Metcon 7.

Nike Metcon 3 squeak

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 326g / Women 266g
Drop: 4mm
Update: Nike Metcon 8
Use: Crossfit / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Release date: Jan 2017
Features: Low drop

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