Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 review

Speed, agility, and aggressiveness are the first three words that come to mind when I think of the Nike Mercurial silo.

The new generation of Mercurials is expanding on the classic speed boot mantra that Nike is famous for. The Superfly 7 is softer, lighter, and thinner than any Mercurial we have ever seen before.

The upper, straight out of the box, feeling up to twice as soft and supple in hand compared to the previous Superfly 6, which felt a little stiff.

Nike has gone and fixed this stiffness issue, creating by far the most comfortable Mercurial I have ever worn.

Thinner Superfly 7 upper

A major issue I had with the previous generation was the stiffness of the upper.

However, Nike has improved on the Superfly 6 by incorporating a double yarn, which feels softer, thinner, and grippier with the Superfly 7.

The first yarn used is mainly for the structure of the boot. This structure includes the lockdown, shape, and configuration of how it fits on foot.

The second yarn is used for the grip and texture of the upper. It is coated with Nike’s ACC all conditions control technology.

The ACC allows for an even texture all over the boot aimed at a superb touch on the ball.

By incorporating these two yarns, it creates a thinner boot upper, which is form-fitting and molds to the shape of your foot within the first wear.

The upper feels much more textured and is almost rough to the touch. Therefore, it generates a ton of grip—which is perfect for curling and striking the ball

It is also ideal for use in wet and rainy conditions thanks to the all-conditions control chemical imbedded in the second yarn.

The soleplate reacts as soon as you do

Another upgrade from the previous generation is improved soleplate. It now incorporates a new ‘AeroTrak’ spine, which makes the soleplate stiffer and more responsive.

It offers a greater spring-back, increasing your speed, agility as well as motion on the field.

Aggressive, grippy outsole

I found when cutting corners or pushing forward for a sprint, it offered a little more traction and aggressiveness compared to the last generation.

The studs are also 1mm longer and have more of an extended triangular chevron pattern compared to the 6’s. This is where Nike has also hollowed out the heel section to reduce the boot's weight.

The split sole design looks aesthetically pleasing. It also has a bunch of Nike’s slogans written all over the bottom of the boot, branching out to the side.

This soleplate is by far the most aggressive and lethal on the market to date. However, I do not like the wearable finish on the toe area of the plate, which slowly wears off after a few uses.

I hope Nike could find a way to keep this reflective and bright pattern on the soleplate forever. It would look much better than it wearing off and looking a touch distorted after a few uses.

Great-looking Mercurial

Aesthetically, the colourway and design of the Superfly 7 make the boot my favourite looking Mercurial of all time.

The blue stands out and pops amazingly on pitch, with the white accents being a great secondary colour used.

The large “MERC” branding below the oversized swoosh on the exterior of the boot looks incredible, as it throws back to the classic Mercurial design we all know and love.

It is simply a great looking football boot, no faults.

I also enjoy how the dynamic fit collar hugs your ankle nicely. It allows the boot to feel as though it flows directly onto your foot, having a one-to-one sensation when first putting them on.

Go true to size in the Mercurial Superfly 7

My only criticism of the boot is that Nike has reduced the volume in the toe box by a fraction compared to the Superfly 6. So, I was tempted to go up half a size to cater for that.

However, once broken-in, the upper stretched and molded to the shape of my feet, and the sizing was perfect. I would suggest going true to size to achieve the best possible fit.

Facts / Specs

Top: Mid
Surface: Firm Ground
Collection: Nike Mercurial, Nikeskin, Nike Mercurial Superfly, Nike Mercurial Superfly 7
Lacing System: Laced
BRAND Brand: Nike
Colorways: Blue / White / Red / Green
Special editions: 4 special editions

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Jamie Donis
Jamie Donis

I have played football (soccer) professionally since the age of 19 and currently play in Australia's 2nd division as a striker. I am 21 and have over 100 pairs of football boots as I love collecting them and trying various pairs of boots out on the pitch. I train for 2 hours a day, and on Mondays and Tuesdays, I train for 3. Over the course of the last 2 seasons, I have found a tendency to keep coming back to the Nike Mercurial range, as I find they fit my feet the best whether it be the Superfly or Vapor. However, in the Adidas line, the X 19.1's and the Nemeziz are both high up on my list, as well as the Puma One's and Kings if I want a boot that is softer and is leather. I have trained at Manchester City's 'sister' club Melbourne City and have professional insight on how pro players select their boots, as well as the performance benefits of some cleats compared to others. I also play futsal in the off-season and wear MercurialX Superfly. I also have a YouTube channel Jamie Donis Football aka JDF where I upload my thoughts on the various boots I test.