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The timeless silhouette of the Nike MD Runner 2 by Nike is ready for day-to-day use. This retro sneaker offers both fashion and function. Due to the shoe’s simple yet stylish design, it is street-style ready. Moreover, it provides long-lasting comfort thanks to its combination of lightness and collar-specific support.


  • Comfortable for daily use
  • Supportive ankle cuff
  • Lightweight
  • Compliment-magnet
  • Low profile
  • Retro vibes


  • Might be stiff for some
  • Lacks arch support

Who should buy the Nike MD Runner 2

The Nike MD Runner 2 is a captivating sneaker inspired by nineties classics. It may be the shoe for you if:

  • You're someone who makes a runway out of city streets in skinny jeans and joggers.
  • Shoes that provide more than enough ankle support are what you're after.
  • You wish to stun your friends in something agile and low-profile.

Nike MD Runner 2 buyist

Who should not buy it

If you need something with top-to-bottom support, skip MD Runner 2 and try the Nike React Vision instead. Also, you're better off rocking the Nike Air VaporMax Plus if you're very particular with suppleness underfoot.

Nike MD Runner 2 no

The Nike MD Runner 2's pampering confines

Many wearers of the Nike MD Runner 2 find the pair very comfortable for daily use.

Nike MD Runner 2 comf

More glances your way

Buyers in droves admit that they receive compliments while wearing the pair. The shoe's no-frills design and straightforward hues contribute greatly to its reeling charisma.

Nike MD Runner 2 reel

The MD Runner 2's hit-or-miss support system

Users say that the cushioning of the sneaker around the ankle area provides plenty of support. That said, a few sneakerheads find the MD Runner 2's arch zone quite underwhelming on the same front.

Nike MD Runner 2 supp

Sexy and in style

According to sneakerheads-slash-reviewers, the MD Runner 2 is easy to wear thanks to its stylish and slender silhouette.

Nike MD Runner 2 svelte

The MD Runner 2's unyielding sole

Among the few complaints about the MD Runner 2 had something to do with its rigid sole.

Nike MD Runner 2 yield

The Nike MD Runner 2 in history

Throughout the years, Nike continued to release sneakers that accommodate the needs and likes of its wearers. They successfully produced many sneakers, from originals to retros. Among thousands of their releases, Nike released the MD Runner 2. The sneaker is a retro kick that offers both style and comfort. This sneaker was inspired by the Swoosh brand's '90s release, which was the original Nike MD Runner. 

This vintage shoe inherits unique details from its inspiration model. It possesses a traditional and straightforward design. Another variation for this silhouette exists, which comes in the form of the Nike MD Runner 2 LW. This particular variant features a lightweight nylon material and some suede overlays to reinforce the upper.

Nike MD Runner 2 histo