Who should buy the Nike Mamba Fury

This Nike basketball shoe is a good match for you if:

  • You are a huge fan of Kobe Bryant and would like a pair to add to your collection
  • You want a shoe with great traction that delivers well on any court
  • You prefer a shoe with superb comfort to spoil your feet throughout the game
  • Because of their lightweight build and aggressive traction, these pocket-friendly basketball shoes are perfect for shifty guards. 

Nike Mamba Fury logo

Who should not buy the Nike Mamba Fury

If you want a normal or medium-to-wide fit, look at Air Jordan 6. Several verified buyers mentioned that this pair has a stiff midsole even after breaking in. You might want to check out other shoes with great midsole technology such as the Nike Kyrie 7.

Nike Mamba Fury midsole

Worth the price

According to a good number of owners, these budget Kobe basketball shoes offer excellent value for the money. 

Nike Mamba Fury laces

The shoe that protects your ankle

Several users are surprised that these low-top basketball shoes provide excellent ankle support without sacrificing agility.

Nike Mamba Fury heel

Stiff, after all

The midsole is stiff. While it loosens up a bit with time, it is still stiffer than expected. This is why some players used the Mamba Fury for the gym. 

Great cushioning system

Thanks to its Injected Phylon midsole with a forefoot Zoom Air unit, several commented that this shoe delivers all-day comfort. Generated by your force, the responsive Nike Zoom Air cushion provides a burst of energy that helps you drive past the defense.

Nike Mamba Fury insole

Provide your feet with the comfort it deserves

Nearly all purchasers are satisfied with the Nike Mamba Fury's cushioning. According to them, these basketball shoes are super comfortable to wear.

Nike Mamba Fury back

Superb traction

Some players commented that the traction of the Nike Mamba is just impressive. This is brought by its snakeskin-inspired tread pattern for optimal grip on the court. The aggressive traction pattern helps you stay in complete control, no matter your movements.

Nike Mamba Fury outsole

With Mamba Fury, guarantee a secure fit

These Nike basketball shoes also make use of a lace-up closure that feeds through webbing loops, which according to some players provide a locked-in and secure fit.

Nike Mamba Fury lace closeup

The Mamba Fury also has small TPU heel clips behind the Achilles, and they deliver added stability.

Materials of the Mamba Fury

These Kobe basketball sneakers use a minimally structured upper that provides lightweight support and an agile feel. A padded ankle collar provides added cushioning and support.

Nike Mamba Fury side

HEAD to the court with style

The Nike Mamba Fury features a slithering aesthetic that pays tribute to the Black Mamba's deadly-fast strikes on the hardwood. The minimally structured upper boasts a textured scale design that is reminiscent of a skin-shedding snake.

Nike Mamba Fury back logo

Signature details include Kobe Bryant's Sheath logo and the Mamba DNA logo. 

Get to know The Nike Mamba Fury

Employing a sleek and stripped-down design, the Nike Mamba Fury allows you to move with ease with its minimally structured upper, responsive cushion, and aggressive traction.

The Mamba Fury makes use of a minimally structured upper that offers a light and nimble feel on the court. The shoe's low-profile Zoom Air cushion creates a burst of responsive energy to help you strike at a moment's notice.

The Nike Mamba Fury's snake-skin inspired traction design keeps you in total control as you make quick cuts to the basket.

Colorways of the Nike Mamba Fury

Nike Basketball's latest Kobe Bryant silhouette comes in the following hues:

  • Black/Smoke Grey/White
  • Black/University Red/University Gold 
  • White/Wolf Grey/Pure Platinum

Nike Mamba Focus vs Nike Mamba Fury

From the design to performance, the Nike Mamba Focus and Nike Mamba Fury are very similar. 

Cushion. Both these Nike basketball shoes make use of a Phylon midsole with a forefoot Zoom Air unit. This cushioning setup provides a burst of responsive energy to help you dominate both ends of the floor.

Traction. The Nike Mamba Fury and Nike Mamba Focus both employ a snakeskin-inspired traction design that provides complete control on any court surface. Both these basketball shoes are also equipped with a durable rubber outsole that delivers long-lasting grip.

Support and Lockdown. Both the Mamba Focus and Mamba Fury feature a low-top design that provides support without compromising mobility. The low collars offer players the freedom to move quickly and allow them to strike with precision. Both these Kobe sneakers also utilize a lace-up front and a molded Swoosh-shaped framework that provides increased stability and containment. 

Material. The Nike Mamba Fury and Nike Mamba Focus both symbolize Bryant's metamorphosis into the Black Mamba with their snakeskin-embossed uppers. The minimally structured uppers offer a lightweight and fast feel on the court.

Price. Both these affordable Kobe basketball sneakers retail for a hundred dollars.

All in all, players who want a light, fast, and durable basketball shoe can pick up either of these budget-friendly models. However, what makes the Mamba Fury special is that it continues the late Kobe Bryant's sneaker legacy.

Nike Mamba Fury vs Nike PG 4

The Nike Mamba Fury and Nike PG 4 are two affordable signature shoes that are competing at almost the same price point. Let's see how Kobe Bryant's takedown model stacks up against Paul George's signature series.

Cushion. Designed for low-to-the-ground cushioning, the Nike Mamba Fury employs a Phylon midsole with a forefoot Zoom air unit. Replacing the traditional Strobel, the Nike PG 4 has a full-length Nike Airbag, and it delivers increased responsiveness and comfort.

Traction. Both these Nike basketball shoes feature a rubber outsole that provides a long-lasting grip. For increased court control, the Mamba Fury comes with a snakeskin-inspired traction design while the PG 4 has a circular tread pattern.

Support and Lockdown. Made for versatile players, the Nike Mamba Fury and PG 4 feature a low-cut collar that provides the freedom to make quick moves to the basket. Both shoes also utilize an internal webbing system that provides a locked-in fit. However, Paul Geroge's fourth basketball shoe has a zippered overlay that adds support and containment.

Material. Kobe Bryant's Nike Mamba Fury features a minimally constructed upper for a light and nimble feel on the hardwood. The Nike PG 4 utilizes a dual-mesh upper construction that provides increased support and containment without sacrificing breathability.

Price. Kobe Bryant's takedown model retails for an affordable 100 bucks while the fourth installment of Paul George's signature line retails for ten dollars more at $110.

The Nike Mamba Fury and Nike PG 4 are designed to deliver a responsive and supportive feel on the basketball court. However, based on their tech specs, Paul George's fourth signature sneaker has more to offer than Kobe Bryant's takedown model.