Who should buy the Nike LeBron 19

Given the amount of cushioning that this LeBron shoe has, it's quite obvious that it's for heavier men and/or people who love to have a lot of impact protection. This shoe is also great for those who like premium stuff and actually have the money for such luxury.

Who should NOT buy the LeBron 19 from Nike

We do not recommend the Nike LeBron 19 to people who:

  • consider traction as the most important aspect of a shoe; they will all be disapppointed by the mediocrity that this delivers
  • want court feel; this one is way too high off the ground
  • are on a budget; a LeBron always costs a lot, waiting for discounts can help. They may also get the much cheaper Lebron Witness shoes
  • like light basketball sneakers; said to be heavier than Nike's heaviest offers, the LeBron 19s can surely feel like bricks on the feet

Nike LeBron 18 vs Nike Lebron 19

Compared to the LeBron 18, the 19 is:

  • less grippy
  • of the same cushioning performance
  • more supportive
  • able to provide better stability
  • heavier and looks bulkier

Top-of-the-line impact protection, anyone?

As expected for LeBron shoes, the LeBron 19 delivered in terms of underfoot comfort and cushioning. Bigger and heavier men will appreacite this.

The LeBron 19 materials felt premium

Given its high price, it's only natural for the LeBron 19 to be made of only the most premium materials. The upper, in particular, felt soft and really comfortable.

So-so traction

The outsole was able to grip the floor decently, but it surely could still do a lot better.

Improved support and lockdown capabilities

Compared to the 18, the Nike LeBron 19 was better able to keep the foot contained and stabilize runs.

Overwhelming appearance. Not cool, Nike LeBron 19!

The shoe's bulkiness might be too off-putting for some. It also didn't help that the shoe's looks do look a bit too crowded.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 510g
Top: High
Signature: LeBron James
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Collection: Nike Lebron
Features: Ankle support

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