Our verdict


Overall, the Nike LeBron 15 is a good shoe. Though it is not that spectacular, the integration of the two midsole technologies, an improved upper material, and Flywire technology comes down as good. For those who are simply looking and shopping around for a new pair to play hoops with, the price tag is quite over the top. If you are a powerful forward, this setup is a winner for you.


  • Good court grip
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Lightweight
  • No dust buildup
  • Good cushioning
  • Flexible, comfortable upper
  • No heel slippage
  • Numerous colorway options
  • East to put on
  • No break-in required


  • Needs outriggers for stability
  • Steep price
  • Not enough ankle support

Who should buy the Nike LeBron 15

The Nike LeBron 15 is another high-priced shoe model from LeBron James’s signature line. This pair has a hybrid of Zoom and Max Air technologies in the midsole, which gives the best of both worlds for responsiveness and impact protection. If you'd want a pair, it's because:

  • You're a super fan of LeBron James, and love the personal and phenomenal style and design they've incorporated into this model.
  • You're an aggressive and powerful forward who needs the double support of two great technologies in this shoe.

Nike LeBron 15 logo

Nike LeBron 15's dynamic midsole technologies

The LeBron 15 is the first shoe model from Nike to have a phenomenal combination of Zoom and Max Air.

Nike LeBron 15 midsole

Zoom is a lightweight and pressurized air unit that provides players with high energy returns.

Max Air is a lightweight large-volume airbag that delivers maximum impact protection, players say.

Nike LeBron 15 midsole toe

Powerful outsole structure of LeBron 15

Depending on the colorway, the rubber on the outsole of the LeBron 15 comes in gum, translucent, or solid rubber.

Nike LeBron 15 outsole

The traction has a triangular and spiked pattern that suits the linear movements of the King. The outsole configuration also delivers court grip even for athletes who play on quite dusty courts.

Nike LeBron 15 outsole top

Though playing outdoors with an expensive signature shoe is not recommended, the rubber outsole’s thickness is judged by many wearers as having the capacity to withstand both indoor and outdoor games.

Strong, stable lockdown system

The Nike LeBron 15 has a full-bootie construction that is infused with Flywire technology. The shoe has round laces, which are held in place by lace loops that appear to be connected to the Flywire. Reviewers say that this support setup is enough to keep their feet down even during their most intense movements.

Nike LeBron 15 lockdown

LeBron 15's superior upper construction

The upper of the LeBron 15 is made of high-grade BattleKnit. Athletes say that this material is durable, comfortable, and highly stretchable.

Nike LeBron 15 upper

The inside of the shoe is lined with thick foam to provide wearers with much-needed comfort. Between the insole and the outsole is the midfoot shank. According to reviewers, this shank helps with durability and stability.

Nike LeBron 15 upper top ankle

Aesthetically placed on the heel is an external TPU, which provides solid containment according to players.

Nike LeBron 15's fearless, fiesty style

The high-top silhouette of the Nike LeBron 15 comes in multiple colorways, and it has an a-la-mode design. Starting off with the outsole, there is a lion emblem on the heel which signifies Bron-bron as the king of the jungle—strong, fearless, and determined. The lateral side has a dragon-scale-like design.

Nike LeBron 15 side

Located on the rear part of the collar is a three-looped pull tab made of synthetic leather with LBJ’s signature on top.

Nike LeBron 15 ankle tab

The Nike Swoosh is located on the external TPU heel counter. The embossed logo of LeBron is found on the midfoot section of the synthetic leather.

Nike LeBron 15 logo mid

Lastly, the insole has the Roman numeral callout XV-XXIII, which stands for the signature model’s number and the King’s jersey number.

Nike LeBron 15 insole