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The tenth iteration of the LeBron shoes continually gets attention because it gets the job done on the court. Equipped with a mix of Zoom and Air Max, the shoe is insanely bouncy and protective upon impact. Besides being a good on-court performer, these Nike basketball shoes also shine in the fashion department.


  • Mind-blowingly bouncy
  • High impact protection
  • Great traction on clean court
  • Solid upper support
  • Breathable enough
  • Well-made and durable
  • Appealing aesthetics


  • Too stiff
  • Lacks stability
  • Heavy

Who should buy the Nike LeBron 10

Consider getting a pair of these Nike shoes if you are a heavier player who doesn't mind extra shoe weight in exchange for unmatched cushioning.

Nike LeBron 10 logo

Who should NOT buy the shoe

If you are an agile guard who is quick on the feet, you may prefer a shoe that's more lightweight, responsive, and flexible. Consider the Nike Lebron 20 or the Nike PG 6

Traction is excellent, as long as the court is clean

Most players agree that the Lebron X has a solid bite:

  • "jab steps and jump stops are fully covered"
  • "stopping power is really good"

Some also like that the rubber extends up to cover up the sole edges.

On the downside, the grip only shines on clean floors. If there is dust, the shoe picks it up pretty quickly and starts sliding. According to a playtester, even wiping doesn't help to return a crazy bite.

Nike LeBron 10 grip

Don't expect flexibility from this monster

"Really stiff, you can't bend the shoe at all!" exclaims one of the reviewers. Not only the shoe's cushioning component is stiff but there are very minimal flex grooves on the outsole too. This lack of flexibility is reported to limit the shoe's traction as well as the full range of motion.

That's why the Lebron 10 cannot be recommended to quick-footed guards.

Nike LeBron 10 stiff

Nike LeBron X is SO bouncy it's too much

The shoe introduces a killer combo of Zoom and Air Max in its cushioning setup. According to the testers, the Air Max unit can be felt during heel strikes. Meanwhile, in the forefoot, the cushioning feels like "a propelling action" and "it springs you off," as per reviewers.

Some of them refer to the Nike Lebron X as the bounciest basketball shoe ever, comparing it to a trampoline. They actually found it too much as it really detracted from the stability aspect.

Nike LeBron 10 cushioning

Stability could be improved

In addition to the over-bouncy cushioning, this Nike Lebron lost points in the stability department due to the lack of outriggers. More than a few basketball players thought that with wider lateral flanges, the shoe would have felt significantly more stable. There is a pretty high chance of roll-overs when moving with speed.

Nike LeBron 10 stability

Seamless and supportive fit

According to the wearers, the Lebron 10 is comfortable-out-of-the-box and "broken in for you right from the get-go." A more streamlined fit is ensured by the Flywire and the upper’s Hyperfuse construction. There is no heel slip whatsoever and the lockdown was described by fans to be incredible, even when laces aren't tied yet.

The shoe runs true to size and is considered by wearers to be form-fitting. Thick synthetic overlays provide a lot of support where you need it, especially in the ankle and laterally.

Nike LeBron 10 upper

Breathability is fine

With plenty of cutouts throughout the upper, the heat easily escapes from the shoe. Even though some didn't find it as sufficient, others called it one of the most well-ventilated Lebrons.

It's a big boy

At 400 g per shoe, the Nike Lebron X is heavier than average (377 g). Because of that, some have said that it feels a little bulky and "laggy."

Nike LeBron X aesthetics

The 10th LeBron generally has the streamlined look of many Nike basketball shoes. It is set apart from the rest by the upper’s diamond-inspired detailing, which references the tenth anniversary of the Nike-LeBron James partnership. There are also embossed diamond shapes on the tongue.

Nike LeBron 10 tongue

Special colorways of the LeBron X

LeBron James’s shoes have always referenced important elements or milestones in the star player’s life and career. Here are some of the most notable colorways of the LeBron 10:

USA Gold Medal, which is the same black-and-white iteration that LeBron wore during the 2012 Olympics. The Swoosh logo is bathed in gold (it was previously red) upon the colorway’s re-release after the Olympic win.

Nike LeBron 10 logo1

Floridians, which pays tribute to the Miami Heat.

Crown Jewel, which pays tribute to LeBron’s first NBA championship at the end of the 2011-2012 season.