Who should buy the Nike Kyrie 8

The 8th Nike Kyrie is perfect for you if you are looking for a basketball shoe that fits the following descriptions:

  • Versatile enough to suit various foot types
  • Grippy enough to provide dependable traction even on slightly dirty courts
  • Responsive enough to support sprints and quick direction changes, moves that guards usually perform
  • Accurately capture Kyrie Irving's unique personality both on and off the court
  • Attractive enough to be worn as a lifestyle sneaker off the court

Nike Kyrie 8 kyrie 8 buy

Who should NOT buy the Nike Kyrie 8

Given all its performance chops, it is still too risky to use the Kyrie 8 outdoors. The Nike Cosmic Unity and the Kyrie 7 are going to be great alternatives. These shoes offer a good deal of lateral support, as well.

Nike Kyrie 8 kyrie 8 not buy

A grip that you can trust

Many basketball shoes consider traction as a basketball shoe's most important offer, so it does not come as a surprise that the Nike Kyrie 8 seems to have prioritized this feature. This shoe has a dependable bite even when the floor is mildly dusty.

 Nike Kyrie 8 kyrie 8 traction

Balanced cushioning system

Guards will surely be happy with the shoe's low-to-the-ground design. This makes the Kyrie 8 responsive and fully suitable for runs and quick direction changes.

Nike Kyrie 8 kyrie 8 cushioning 

It must be noted here that the Kyrie 8 provides court feel without compromising impact protection. Of course, it's not as plush as the Nike LeBrons, but cushioning is definitely there.

Comfortable and smooth strides with the Kyrie 8

The upper materials and midsole tooling ensure step-in comfort. They are also soft enough to keep the feet free from pain even when the shoes are worn for the whole day.

Nike Kyrie 8 kyrie 8 upper materials

The Nike Kyrie 8 also had a smooth heel-to-toe transition, making it a lot easier to walk and run when wearing this shoe.

True-to-size and versatile fit

This Kyrie shoe has a versatile fit that suits almost all foot shapes. Even wide-footers can be accommodated.

Support and lockdown? The Kyrie 8 has them

The Nike Kyrie 8 securely lockdown the ankle and the heel area. There won't be any slippage there.

Nike Kyrie 8 kyrie 8 support

It's not that serious, but lateral support could use a little improvement. Fortunately, you just have to get used to the shoe and things should be OK.

Play ball and frolic in style with the Nike Kyrie 8

Kyrie Irving is arguably one of the most interesting personalities in the NBA. His shoes usually reflect his colorful eccentricities, and the Kyrie 8 is not an exemption. It's flashy and it's loud; if you want to make a (fashion) statement, the Nike Kyrie 8 can definitely lend you its voice.

Nike Kyrie 8 kyrie 8 style

Facts / Specs

Top: Mid
Signature: Kyrie Irving
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Collection: Nike Kyrie
Features: Ankle support
Colorways: White / Purple / Blue / Pink
SKUs: DC9134100 / DC9134500 / DC9134501 / DH5387900 / DM3255200

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