Our verdict


The Nike Kobe 9 Elite truly deserves the word “Elite” in its name. It delivers as an elite basketball shoe should. It provides comfort and support. A very good bonus is that it is a pair of kicks that the wearer can rock casually. Because it’s made of more premium materials, this is pricier than usual, but based on the reviews, the price hike will be all worth it.


  • Lightweight
  • Good for casual wear
  • Supportive
  • Durable
  • Eye-catching
  • Supports shifty moevemts
  • Good grip


  • Runs tight
  • On the pricey range

Who should buy the Nike Kobe 9 Elite

The Nike Kobe 9 Elite is an aesthetically appealing shoe that performs beastly on the court. It has Flyknit and Flywire in the upper. With these technologies, you'd surely want to have a pair. This is also a perfect option for you if:

  • You're looking for a Kobe signature shoe that is top-notch on comfort and support.
  • You're a big Kobe Bryant fan, and you'd definitely want to wear this on the streets.

Nike Kobe 9 Elite logo

Nike's solid midsole setup for Kobe 9 Elite

The responsiveness and impact protection that the Nike Kobe 9 Elite delivers come from the Lunarlon cushion in its midsole. 

Nike Kobe 9 Elite midsole front

This material is lightweight such that it doesn't interfere with wearers' quick movements, which are sufficiently supported by the shoe’s traction.

Outstanding outsole structure

Although made of rubber that is thinner than what is usually used on Nike basketball shoes, the outsole of the Kobe 9 Elite surely does not fall short in providing game-enhancing traction. In fact, using thinner rubber might have worked to the Kobe 9 Elite’s advantage because this setup affords the wearer flexibility, which is especially useful when the wearer is fond of doing cuts and quick sprints.

Nike Kobe 9 Elite outsole top

The outsole features a unique traction pattern that looks like a fingerprint. This pattern maps out important pressure points and provides effective multidirectional tread.

Nike Kobe 9 Elite outsole heel

Powerful lockdown of Kobe 9 Elite

The one-to-one fit of this shoe is further enhanced by its use of Nike’s Flyknit. This material conforms to the shape of the foot, leaving no space for possible internal slippage.

Nike Kobe 9 Elite lace

The power of the traditional lacing system of the Nike Kobe 9 is effectively complemented by another proprietary technology called Flywire. Inspired by the design of suspension bridges, this technology allows the shoe to grasp the shoe better when the laces are tightened. Finally, an extended knit collar gives this shoe its high-top silhouette and support capacities.

Nike Kobe 9 Elite top

Nike Kobe 9 Elite's strong, yet comfy construction

Comfort is really one of the top considerations for the design of this shoe. Aside from ensuring a one-to-one fit, the Flyknit material also provides high levels of next-to-skin comfort. The tongue is made of sandwich mesh, further ensuring a comfortable experience. There is also plush foam around the heel and ankle.

Nike Kobe 9 Elite back

Unique, beautiful, and functional style of Nike Kobe 9 Elite

The Nike Kobe 9 Elite’s focus on performance surely did not mean an abandonment of style. On the contrary, wearers noted the sneaker's ability to integrate beauty with utility.

Nike Kobe 9 Elite ankle top

Giving the shoe its unique aesthetic appeal are the colored threads that are integrated with the structure of the Flyknit. This clever integration results in a multi-color appearance that are a feast for the eyes. To match this, the midsole also features specks of color.

Nike Kobe 9 Elite back top

Brand and signature Kobe Bryant elements are also on the shoe. Kobe Bryant’s signature and Sheath logo is prominently emblazoned on the tongue. The iconic symbol of the nine stitches that he got after an injury is prominently at the back of the extended knit collar. Finally, a stylized Swoosh is prominently on display at the lateral side of the shoe.