Our verdict


The Nike KD 8 came with great expectations, and it surely did not disappoint. It was put together with the right materials and technologies, observed practically with it delivering in terms of support, comfort, traction, and even aesthetics. There are complaints here and there, but they are more exceptions rather than rules.


  • Near-perfect traction
  • Springy toe-offs
  • Smooth heel-to-toe
  • Solid lockdown
  • Very stable platform
  • Form-fitting upper
  • Stylish look


  • Lacks durability
  • Extended heel gets stepped on

Who should buy the Nike KD 8

This pair of basketball shoes from Nike will suit your preference if:

  • you prefer low-cut shoes which provide a nice supportive fit
  • you need a well-cushioned pair

Nike KD 8 logo

Who should NOT buy this Nike shoe

If you are concerned about durability, the more reliable options in this price range would be the Nike KD 15 (the more recent iteration of the shoe) and the Nike Cosmic Unity 2.

Both shoes also have a regular heel design, not extended. So, you don't have to worry about other players stepping on your shoes during the game.

Nike KD 8 extended heel

Nike KD 8 has got the grip

The Nike KD 8 surely did not fix what's not broken; it still has the KD7's killer traction. Many reviewers agree that it has a consistent grip across various playing surfaces.

Nike KD 8 outsole

One experienced playtester says that even with debris, the shoe is "more reliable than other traction patterns [he’s] used." He has also described the grip as "beastly." Another reviewer mentioned that there was "no major slippage at all even on dusty floors"

Cushioning gets all the praises

The full-length Zoom Air cushioning system makes sure that impact protection is provided without compromising court feel or responsiveness.

Nike KD 8 cushioning

As one expert claims, it is "super springy and explosive" in the main section under the ball of the foot. Another one is happy with how smooth the heel-to-toe transitions are thanks to the full-length Zoom unit paired with the curved heel and forefoot.

Stability is top-notch on the KD 8

First of all, the shoe is built on a huge platform. The reviewers love how flat and wide the Zoom unit is, especially in the forefoot. So much so that the Zoom bag actually extends outside of the upper. Here is what the avid basketball players have to say about it:

  • "instability is pretty much a non-issue here"
  • "passed my heel test with no tendency to roll over even when pushed"

One of them also assumed that the shoe was made that way because Kevin Durant himself likes a more stable ride.

Nike KD 8 stability

One feature that the players didn't appreciate is the exaggerated heel, which extends far too wide compared to most basketball shoes. You don't really feel any benefits from it as a player but it does become a nuisance when someone steps on it in the middle of the game. They are worried that you can even lose the shoe because of that.

Nike KD 8 heel

Comfortably supportive

Based on the general users' feedback, the Flyweave and Flywire that make up the upper work together to deliver support without compromising comfort. As one of them points out, "you used to have to pay $225 if you wanted to try out Jordan Brand’s performance woven upper," but with the KD 8 it got much more affordable.

Nike KD 8 fit

The upper creates solid support, locking the heel into place while also offering a snug and secure fit all throughout the foot. And with the soft nature of the woven Flyweave material, the shoe is described by wearers to be form-fitting and needing no time to break in. In addition, the nice and plush tongue protects the foot from the lace pressure.

Nike KD 8 collar

For wide footers, the snug fit could be a problem, so they are recommended to get half a size up.

For the price, it should be more durable

Although the Nike KD 8 has so much good stuff to offer, one of its primary issues is durability. For the asking price of $180, players were not very excited about the wear resistance of the knit upper and the soft rubber outsole. As one of the reviewers reported, the woven upper is too soft and prone to abrasion and the rubber is "already fraying after a solid week of use."

KD 8 from Nike: Performer and charmer

The Nike KD 8 is as much an off-court charmer as it is an on-court performer. This low-top basketball shoe comes in more than ten colorways that will surely make it hard for fans to choose. The following are some of the most notable:

July 4th. The fourth of July is easily among the favorite holidays of Kevin Durant. He loved the annual barbecues and the opportunity it gives for families and friends to have a reunion. The "July 4th" colorway is one of the first colorways to be made available.

 Nike KD 8 tongue ensemble

Hunt's Hill Sunrise.  The Hunt's Hill Sunrise colorway pays tribute to Hunt's Hill, the place where Kevin Durant did his exercises as a child. This orange-on-black ensemble serves as a reminder of the rewards of hard work, especially when one starts early.