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9 reasons to buy

  • The Nike Inflict 3 is described as one of the most comfortable shoes worn by a vast majority of users.
  • The durability of this trainer impresses a lot of consumers because it has lasted for years.
  • Numerous wrestlers appreciate the grip offered by the outsole.
  • The ankle support on this model is also another loved feature by droves of owners.
  • Plenty of buyers find the style and various color options to be very appealing.
  • Another enjoyable quality this footgear possesses is its lightweight nature, as stated by a significant number of wearers.
  • A lot of reviewers appreciate the overall flexibility of this Nike wrestling shoe because it allows for better movements on the mat.
  • Multiple individuals claim that this footwear is breathable, which aids in freshening up their feet.
  • According to more than a few shoppers, this product is worth the money they paid for it.

2 reasons not to buy

  • According to a few people, you should clean the outsole because collected dust can make it slip on the mat.
  • One commenter is not a fan of the split sole construction of this wrestling footwear.

Bottom line

Be bold and great when you step on the mat wearing the Nike Inflict 3. The form-fitting upper provides proper foot lockdown while the ankle strap doubles as a lace-tucking element. Wrestlers move freely due to the thin, split-sole unit paired with the soft top material.

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Good to know

Bring your opponent to his demise while wearing the Nike Inflict 3. This wrestling trainer is made of lightweight materials with a very grippy underside that allows wearers to be quick on the mat. The sole construction is thin and flexible, mimicking the barefoot experience. As for the upper, its sturdy construction supports your ankles as you plow through your nemesis.

If the grip on the Inflict 3’s split sole seems lacking, but you like the flexibility it offers, the Asics Matflex 6 may be a better fit. The outsole design is similar to a split sole, but there is no suede element under the arch. So whatever part of the outsole is in contact with the mat, you know that you won’t slip. It also has a breathable mesh upper and a padded collar, which enhances the ankle hold.

The Nike Inflict 3 features a split sole construction. The gum rubber is placed on the forefoot and heel sections. Unlike other split soles, the middle portion has a rubber element in the form of the Nike Swoosh, enhancing the grip in this area. The horseshoe shape of the rubber supports multi-directional grip.

The edges of the outsole are rounded. This construction aids in the smooth side-to-side transitions, or if the player needs to push off using the sides of the foot.

The Nike Inflict 3 features a full-length, double-lasted midsole. This layer is thin, keeping the wearer’s center of gravity low, which helps with balance. It also provides adequate cushioning for comfort.

A form-fitting mesh makes up the top of the Nike Inflict 3. This fabric is soft, allowing it to contour to the shape of the foot for maximum coverage. It is also breathable, which helps aerate the interior, so it quickly dries even if it gets soaked with sweat.

Synthetic and suede overlays wrap the bottom portion of the upper. They protect against abrasions so that the underlying mesh won’t easily tear. They also aid in keeping the structure of the top for proper foot containment and support. 

For lockdown, this wrestling footgear uses laces and strap. Wearers can adjust the fit by loosening the shoestrings. The single strap at the top not only amplifies ankle support, but it also keeps the laces neatly tucked in. The plush tongue and collar enhance the fit of the upper. They also prevent blisters and chafing.

… that skin infections are common among wrestlers? The reason behind this is dirty outsoles. A lot of people come in and out of wrestling gyms. They bring in all the dirt and microorganisms from the outside. Though you may strictly be using your wrestling trainers for matches, the mere act of walking around the venue or warming up is enough to bring all these uncertainties to the mat. To combat this, place a disinfectant-soaked towel beside the mat, so athletes can wipe the outsole and get rid of all the germs just before starting a match.

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This shoe: 70
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This shoe: £100
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£60 £160
This shoe: 250g
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