Who should buy the Nike In-Season TR 9

You cannot miss out on the In-Season TR 9 if:

  • you are after a simple yet elegant cross-trainer that’s designed especially for women
  • you need a budget-friendly option for occasional and entry-level gym-goers

Nike In-Season TR 9 logo

Who should NOT buy the trainer

The In-Season TR is not intended for hardcore training. So, if you are in search of a Nike shoe for intense workouts like Crossfit, consider the Nike Metcon 7 instead. It is a flagship model that also comes with a higher price tag.

And if you need a bouncy cushioned trainer for explosive movements in HIIT, check out the Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge.

Nike In-Season TR 9 best uses

In-Season TR 9 vs. 8: what’s the update?

There are several notable changes to the 9th iteration of the shoe that make it a step up from the previous versions:

  • Renew midsole: This foam has been used in some of the brand’s running shoes. This trainer provides better cushioning for cardio and running.
  • Elastic midfoot strap: Holds the foot steady for side-to-side movements.

Nike In-Season TR 9 cushioning

Lets you move side-to-side with ease

At first glance, it may seem like the shoe has a very thick sole unit. But in reality, the foot sits rather close to the ground. It’s the raised side panels that make the midsole seem so big. They extend upwards, creating borders on both sides.

The reviewers note that this construction does an amazing job of containing the feet during lateral movements.

Nike In-Season TR 9 side support

Moderate weightlifting is well-supported

The recessed tread pattern helps to create a flat ground contact to promote stability for weightlifting. Those who did some lifting, squats, kettlebell work, and similar weight training are happy with the trainer’s performance.

Unfortunately, some have noticed that the rubber tends to make a squeaking sound on hard floors, especially wooden ones.

Nike In-Season TR 9 platform

You’ve got enough cushioning for jumping, running, and walking

Ladies note the trainer’s excellent performance in low-intensity HIIT circuits, box jumps, rope jumps, short treadmill runs, and more. Some also mention doing “a ton of walking” in the shoe.

The Nike Renew serves as the main cushioning component in the In-Season TR 9. It is a dual-density material that fuses a responsive foam for bouncy jumps and a firmer foam for stability.

Nike In-Season TR 9 forefoot

The Comfort Footbed puts a finishing touch on the shoe’s underfoot padding. This memory foam sockliner adjusts to the individual’s foot shape for extra comfort.

Nike In-Season TR 9 is among the lighter gym shoes

With a weight of 7.9 oz (225 grams), the In-Season TR 9 lands on the lighter end of the training shoe spectrum. The average for women’s trainers is 8.3 oz (235 grams).

This is due to the lightweight nature of the materials used and the absence of a traditional full-length rubber outsole. This also makes the trainer a bit more flexible and maneuverable.

Nike In-Season TR 9 lightweight

Keeps the foot securely locked-in

Many reviewers appreciate the wide strap for keeping the foot secure without being too tight. Although some people did express the need for a short break-in period for their feet.

Made of an elastic gore material, the strap remains stiff when support is required but also stretches with the foot when necessary (for example, when the shoe is being put on). That way it helps to deliver a more adaptive foot containment.

Nike In-Season TR 9 gore strap

The lightly padded tongue and collar and an extended heel apex also contribute to a secure lockdown. They hug the ankle area to prevent the footwear from slipping off.

…but lacks arch support

Those with overpronation warn that the trainer’s platform lacks the sturdiness needed to prevent the foot from collapsing inwards.

Helps you stay sweat-free

The entire upper of the shoe is wrapped in a breathable mesh fabric. It creates a soft coverage for the foot while making sure the foot chamber stays aerated.

Nike In-Season TR 9 breathable mesh

Nike In-Season TR is a cutie with plenty of color options

The trainer’s design and colorways make it a stylish addition to any workout outfit, according to most buyers.

Nike In-Season TR 9 collar

There are many wonderful color combinations of the In-Season TR 9. You can choose to go either more vibrant or less flashy. The one with a speckled sole is especially adored by the reviewers.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Women 8oz
Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal / Normal, Wide
Features: Lightweight
BRAND Brand: Nike
Toebox: Medium

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