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9 reasons to buy

  • Many reviewers lauded the new look and texture of the third version of the Hypervenom Phantom Elite FG.
  • The majority of the users found the brand new FlyKnit material to be very impressive in terms of making the upper soft and very durable. This material is also utilized by cleat from the Mercurial line like the Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Elite Firm Ground.
  • A good number of players noted that the foam pads on the upper helped make strikes better while minimizing the sting.
  • Some found the new Pebax outsole to be very beneficial on the cleat's flexibility, making it responsive during changes in direction.
  • A lot of wearers loved the sock-like fit and the secure lockdown that these Nike cleats offer.
  • Most players who tried the cleat commented on how comfortable and lightweight it was to wear.
  • A reviewer said that the Hypervenom Phantom III Elite Firm Ground, although a bit pricey, is definitely a bang for your buck.
  • Some players who used it commended the stability and impressive traction brought by its stud pattern.
  • A few critics mentioned that the Hypervenom Phantom III Elite FG features a significant improvement than its predecessor.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Very few reviewers were concerned about the cable attachments of the cleat not holding up.
  • A user mentioned that these firm ground cleats are quite difficult to put on.
  • There were some testers who found the fit to be too tight and restraining.
  • A few testers weren't thrilled with the new look and design of the third Hypervenom Phantom Elite FG.

Bottom line

This Hypervenom is a soccer cleat that impresses not only with its look but more so with its new improvements in construction. Living up to its line of performance cleats that include the high end Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Pro DF FG, the cleat comes out with an all-new FlyKnit upper that enhances comfort while delivering excellent performance. This cleat is well within the pricier range, but with its impressive upgrades, it may very well be worth the splurge.

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Good to know

  • Nike made some major changes with their third release of the Hypervenom Phantom Elite FG line. One significant upgrade is the full FlyKnit construction of its entire upper. The single piece of FlyKnit is crafted with polyester yarn that has been knitted together to give that seamless, sock-like fit that gives users a second skin sensation.
  • The cleat's surface is also covered with All Conditions Control (ACC) technology that allows for a clean touch on the ball.
  • For enhanced stability, the cleat has been fitted with Flywire cables that connect to the outsole and the laces. Not only do these cables fit snugly around the midfoot for a tight fit, but it also has the ability to adapt to your every move. This means players are given a firm lockdown while experiencing full mobility.
  • The brand didn't miss to upgrade their outsole, as well. The new Pebax outsole does not disappoint with its bladed and conical studs combo that enhances stability. Traction and responsiveness are also significantly improved.

The Hypervenom Phantom III Elite FG comes in the standard sizes for men and women and it fits true to size. One can expect to get a snug fit from the Hypervenom Phantom III Elite FG because of its FlyKnit and Flywire features. The Flywire's integration with the lacing system allows users to achieve that personalized fit and adaptive lockdown to suit their play.

The Hyper-reactive outsole of this modern cleat combines the flexibility and agility of the Pebax with rigid nylon that is used to support the back. The result is a stable front grip when the heel is off the pitch. This responsive stability from its flexible forefoot allows players to cut and change direction swiftly on firm ground.

Moreover, the cleat's stud configuration is designed to make sharp twists and quick turns efficiently. The lateral Chevron studs offer lateral traction for accelerating, braking and making lateral cuts. The other stud patterns are for rotation, twists, and grip.

Attached to the outsole are Flywire cables that are specifically developed to withstand high tension. These cables are integrated into the lacing system, enabling players to adjust the cleat's tightness to their comfort. These cables are able to move freely inside the channels, creating an adaptable lockdown and support. Hence, they do not restrain movement, but rather, give complete mobility to the foot.

The third installment of the Hypervenom Phantom Elite III FG is the first in its line to wear a full FlyKnit upper. The soft material allows the cleat to be very lightweight while being exceptionally durable. Aside from a cozy fit, a huge benefit that this upgrade brings is the unique strike zone that is created from the layer of foam pads built into the upper. These pads create a dampened impact that makes for a powerful strike.

The textured upper is very reactive and its flexibility improves overall ball touch. Moreover, the ACC technology used to treat the upper ensures optimal ball control in all weather conditions.

Another noticeable feat of the upper is the larger striking surface. With the lacing system being pushed off center, more room is created for ball control and striking. The cleat's tongueless design also helps reduce distractions in the strike zone.

  • The Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Elite FG is formerly known as the “Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 Firm Ground”.
  • Six pieces of plastic bottles were cleaned and recycled, and used in each pair of Flyknit shoes. Flyknit material is also used in Nike Phantom Vision Elite DF Firm Ground.


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