Verdict from 15 user reviews

7 reasons to buy

  • Overall performance: A good number of wearers didn't give the specifics, but they sure are happy with how these cleats from Nike perform.
  • Price: Many buyers are glad that they can get this high-performing pair for only $40.
  • Style: A good number of wearers report that they just love the aesthetics of these baseball cleats.
  • Fit: Some buyers say that the Nike Hyperdiamond 3 Keystone fits them so well.
  • Durability: A handful of users are impressed that these baseball/softball cleats withstand their harsh movements on the court.
  • Comfort: For some wearers, the Hyperdiamond 3 Keystone from Nike is so comfortable it's easier to reach their athletic goals. 
  • Flexible: A few users share that these low-top cleats for baseball are flexible enough to twist and turn with their foot movements.

1 reasons not to buy

  • Pain: At least one wearer reports feeling pain after practicing in these baseball cleats.

Bottom line

At only $40 a pair, the Nike Hyperdiamond 3 Keystone surely many wearers happy with how really well it performs. It satisfactorily delivers comfort, nice fit, flexibility, and even style. Simply put, a buyer gets more than what they bargained for with this affordable Nike baseball/softball model.

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User reviews:

Nike Hyperdiamond 3 Keystone: For controlled explosiveness

The Nike Hyperdiamond 3 Keystone is for men and women who espouse aggressive movements in the diamond. It specifically offers the following: 

  • Durable lightness. The upper is made of synthetic materials that are light, but this doesn't mean they are easily punctured. The baseball shoe's durability is further reinforced by a molded toe area.
  • Flexible grip. The shoe's 12-stud configuration sits on a flexible sole, which makes it easy for the wearer to make quick changes in direction without compromising speed. 
  • Full-length comfort. The Hyperdiamond 3 Keystone is cushioned in its full length, ensuring comfort for the entire foot. 

Hyperdiamond 3 Keystone from Nike: The affordable performer

To those who are familiar with retail pricing terminologies, "keystone" doesn't always sound good. It practically means that the price of the item is double its wholesale price or production cost. However, this definitely is not the case with the Hyperdiamond 3 Keystone. This model is basically among the cheapest baseball cleats out there, and it's from Nike at that! 

How Hyperdiamond 3 Keystone compares

This shoe: 72
All shoes average: 79
43 94
This shoe: £40
All shoes average: £80
£40 £130